Crossbow Hunting

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About Crossbow Hunting

Crossbows were known since antiquity, and in the Middle Ages, with the help of using metals for arms and a system of levers for pulling the string, obtained such efficiency that some called for a ban on them. The controversy lives on. A crossbow, simply put, is a bow with a rifle-like stock and a trigger mechanism that holds the string in the drawn position. In terms of killing power, it is on the same level as a modern compound bow, with comparable energy, trajectory, and range. Consequently, crossbow hunting is in many ways similar to archery hunting – the hunter needs to get within a short range of the animal, must end the hunt with one well-placed shot, and a lot of what is being written about the extra challenge and satisfaction of bowhunting applies. On the other hand, a crossbow has a stock, that allows to hold it with more stability. You could shoot a crossbow from a rest, a prone or sitting position. As you don’t have to keep the string at full draw, which is not easy even with a modern compound bow, you can take your time aiming. Last but not the least, a crossbow can be equipped with a telescopic sight (and even night vision or thermal devices). All this makes it easier to connect with your target. What’s more important in a hunting environment, the motion that is required to bring a crossbow on target is significantly less conspicuous to the animals than the motion of drawing a bow. For these reasons, bowhunting purists look down on crossbow hunters. Mehr erfahren...

Like bowhunting, hunting with a crossbow is mostly popular and widespread in North America. You can use a crossbow for the same kinds of game as for other archery hunts, which means mostly deer and other big game. Small game hunting with either a crossbow or a bow is too challenging for most hunters. However, you can’t use a crossbow during special archery seasons. The exception is made for those hunters that are, for specific health-related reasons, physically unable to use a bow. Such hunters need to provide a medical certificate, and make up the majority of crossbow hunters. Other hunting contexts where a crossbow can be highly useful are the so-called short-range weapon only hunts. There are places and seasons where modern centerfire rifles are not permitted because their extended killing range is seen as a safety issue. The choice of hunters will then be limited to weapons whose projectiles aren’t expected to travel great distances, including handguns, shotguns, muzzleloaders, bows – and crossbows. A crossbow could also be an option for someone who can’t own a regular firearm, e.g. an exchange student in the USA on a J-type visa. Finally, there are those who believe that a crossbow simply offers the best compromise between a shooting challenge and killing power. Many countries don’t recognize crossbows as hunting weapons, though, so make sure you’re legal before you consider a crossbow hunt. Details ausblenden

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Crossbow Hunting

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