Cape Bushbuck hunting

Also known as South African Bushbuck
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Where to hunt Cape Bushbuck

The Cape Bushbuck is endemic to South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho and found from the coastal forests to the high altitude forests in the Drakensberg Mountains. Basically all Bushbuck east of these mountains are classified as Cape Bushbuck and as you move from south to north the male’s colour changes from black to grey and even a chocolate colour in Zululand. Its preferred habitat is indigenous forest and riverine bush where it is commonly hunted in the Eastern Cape, Kwazulu-Natal and with the king’s permission in the little known country of Eswatini formerly known as Swaziland.


A popular inexpensive trophy hunted mainly in the Eastern Cape Province and KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. The best prices are found in the Eastern Cape due to its abundance and distribution throughout most of the province. Cape Bushbuck may be included in some of the package hunts offered in the Eastern Cape, where good deals on trophy fees may be found. Daily rates to hunt a Bushbuck in South Africa range from $350-$450 per day, with a trophy fee of $550-$950. Generally, as a rule of thumb trophy fees increase from south to north as the abundance and distribution decreases.

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When to hunt Cape Bushbuck?

Bushbuck may be hunted year round In South Africa. The best months for hunting Bushbuck in South Africa are the dry months of June to October, the reason being that these animals are a very water dependent species and the vegetation is not so dense. If hunted in winter, the best place to glass is below rocky outcrops in canyons and valleys. You find them sunning themselves out of the wind in the early morning sunshine. In the evenings they can be found near water and often come out at last light to start browsing in the open patches of bush.


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Traditionally, Cape Bushbuck were hunted with beaters driving the animals towards the hunters shooting from vantage points. These driven hunts were very popular gatherings and strangely enough it was frowned upon to shoot the lighter (brown) coloured females. Today the walk and stalk method is used to hunt these animals who are extremely elusive and cunning, often just freezing in the dark shadows and letting a hunter pass them by. They are attracted to green cultivated fields in winter and will wander out into the open in the late afternoon. The alarm call of a Bushbuck is a dog-like bark which may give it away before it takes off, flashing its white tail and barking repeatedly as it takes fright and runs for cover. Bow hunting is best from a blind or ambushed over water as this is a water dependent species that must drink regularly.

Bush TV

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Why hunt Cape Bushbuck?

Known as the African Whitetail. It is the only antelope where the genders are specifically identified by the Zulu people. The dark coloured males are called “Inkonka” and the reddish brown females “Imbabala”. They are extremely crafty and make for a good hunt. These shrewd animals can disappear just as quickly as they appear. Being the smallest of the spiral horned species, these animals require good marksmanship and often shot at long distances, so you will need a steady hand and good optics. In some areas the males are really black, with majestic horns and shiny coats. Many a hunter and their dogs have been injured or in some cases killed by wounded Bushbuck, so be alert when following a wounded animal.

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