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Wo kann man Schwarzen Letschwe jagen?

The Common Lechwe group is made up of three subspecies – Red Lechwe, Kafue Lechwe and Black Lechwe. The Black Lechwe was first described as a subspecies from a specimen collected in Barotseland which forms part of the upper Zambezi River in Zambia. Being an endemic of this region it is mainly hunted in the Bangweulu Swamps. It is also an aquatic plant feeder so they are always found near or in water feeding.


Our listings offer five different options which include numerous different species in the package and an option on the length of stay from 6 day which includes 4 full hunting days up to 11 days with 9 full hunting days. The best priced package is the 6 day Lechwe/Sitatunga combo selling for $22,600. The other 6 day packages include a Lechwe/Sitatunga/ Tsessebe for $24,800 or a Buffalo/Lechwe combo for $25,000. Then there is a 7 day (6 night) Lechwe/Sitatunga combo selling for $33,900 and an 11 day Buffalo/Lechwe combo selling for $38,300. Additional animals may be hunted on the 11 day safari.

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When to hunt Black Lechwe?

Black Lechwe may be hunted from 1 June to 30 November and normally conducted as an add-on safari from the more popular hunting territories, like the Luangwa Valley. The best time to hunt is the dry season, with June to August being the prime months with mild temperatures. Hunting later in the year from mid-September to October locally known as the ‘suicide month’, can be unpleasantly hot. Avoid the early part of the year as it can be unseasonably wet and muddy.


Why hunt Black Lechwe?

Hunting for a Black Lechwe will take you through some of the most spectacular swamp habitat, teaming with waterfowl and the ever present Fish Eagles synonymous with Africa. The beautiful scenery and the search and stalk will remain one of your most vivid hunting memories forever. Shooting over flat surfaces (water) will be a test of your long distance marksmanship and you will most probably definitely need to get wet during this hunt – a classic. Lechwe make awesome shoulder and half mounts and do not take up much space in your trophy room wall.

7 Day Zambian Plains Game Hunt

7 Day Zambian Plains Game Hunt

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Schwarzer Letschwe, Sitatunga, Leierantilope
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Season: 1 Juli 2024 - 7 Nov. 2024
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Schwarzer Letschwe

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