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Yote Hunt 3 days/nights

Yote Hunt 3 days/nights United States

This is for a coyote hunting only. $300 for 1,2 or 3 days. You are doing me a favor by shooting a few yotes! Absolutely no target shooting, no citing in guns, no shooting at anything other than a coyote in your crosshairs. This is for people who want the difficult task of hunting a coyote; they are much more clever than whitetail. *You must call coyote with a powerful speaker call...they don't visit food plots! Sorry....I had to say it. _____ I run 4-5 auto-corn feeders nearly year-round on 12-14 food plots so the turkey enjoy these advantages as well. When turkey season kicks in, the corn feeders are shut off by law, but the flocks regularly visit the alfalfa, clover, brassica remains, cereal oats, etc. $500 per hunter for 3 day/night turkey hunts and $800 per hunter for 5 day/night bow hunts. $1,900 per hunter for gun hunts. GUN HUNTS AVAILABLE! At $500 per hunter on the turkeyhunts, and even if you book just for yourself, you won't be be mixed with "strangers" on the property or at the cabin. I don't cook for you or walk you to your stands. My work is done managing for the deer, I leave the hunting up to you. The cabin is free to use and is basic: gas lights, gas heat, gas cookstove, but no running water. It has an outhouse. Has bunkbeds, pullout coach, etc. There is a $49 per night motel 20 minutes away if needed. If anyone isn't feeling good or doesn't get around well, the cabin sits in the woods a little on a good clover food plot. You likely will get deer and turkey visitors! All the food plots we have for our trophy whitetail hunts are perfect for Kentucky turkey hunting! If you’re looking to shoot some great gobblers, at least come and tour our property. All the small clover and alfalfa food plots, it makes for an ideal place to spend Kentucky Spring turkey season. We have side by sides available if you want to make an appointment to swing by and see the property if you’re considering a Kentucky turkey hunt.

Trip duration: 3 days

Trip available on: 5 February 2019 30 June 2019

$300 for 1 hunter
Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt United States

Join us on a hunt of a lifetime in North Texas and South western Oklahoma. Hunt starts morning after arrival day, we offer 1-3 day hunts. Minimum of 4 hunters.Maximum of 10 hunters. Tornado Country Outfitters-Call Evan Stabolitis at-843-621-3827 or email: for your opportunity to make unforgettable memories with friends and family.

Trip duration: 1 - 3 days

Trip available on: 2 November 2019 26 January 2020

$700 for 4 hunters
Waterfowl Hunt '19

Waterfowl Hunt '19 Canada

Waterfowl hunting simply does not get any better than this! Located near Chitek Lake Saskatchewan, our hunting area is situated under one of the largest migratory routes in Western Canada. Due to our unique location and the variety of birds, we are able to offer many types of waterfowl hunting. The south end of the boreal forest is the first farmland for waterfowl on their migration south and our area is a favourite feeding ground for waterfowl due to this vast grain-producing region. Loaded with fields of peas, wheat and barley and thousands of potholes, every September through October, a variety of geese including Canada’s, Cacklers, Specklebellies, Snow and Blues as well as Mallard and Pintail Ducks grace this region. (Not to mention the local ducks and geese that nest here yearly). Saskatchewan waterfowl hunting is world famous for a reason and we would love to help you experience it firsthand. We pride ourselves on offering our clients a high quality, organized, professionally outfitted hunting experience by using top notch gear, working hard, scouting daily and hunting one of the very best waterfowl hunting areas in all of Canada. Bag limits: - Dark Geese (Canada, cackling and white-fronted geese) daily limit: 8 (only 5 may be white fronted). Possession limit: three times daily limit - White Geese (white and blue phase snow geese and Ross' geese) daily limit: 20. Possession limit: no possession limit - Sandhill Cranes daily limit: 5. Possession limit: no possession limit - Ducks Daily limit: 8 (only 4 may be pintails). Possession limit: three times daily limit. - Coots and Snipe daily limit: 10 (each species). Possession limit: three times daily limit.

Trip duration: 1 - 6 days

Trip available on: 1 September 2019 31 October 2019

$725 for 1 hunter
Shotgun Hunting

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