Side-Striped Jackal hunting

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Where to hunt Side-Striped Jackal

Jackal belong to the dog family which also includes coyotes and wolves. Two species of Jackals occur in sub-Saharan Africa, namely the Black-backed Jackal and the Side-striped Jackal. This posting is dedicated to the Side-striped Jackal, the least common of the two species which occurs in broad band from West Africa, through Central Africa to East Africa, excluding the dense jungle areas. However, they are mostly hunted on the large hunting concessions of Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Eastern Zimbabwe, Central and Northern Mozambique.

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They may be found on a few isolated privately owned territories in Eastern South Africa near the Kruger National Park. On private land these animals are often classified as vermin and can be hunted for free as a trophy of opportunity. However, if specifically hunted as a trophy or on a night hunt, the trophy fee may range from $50-150. The daily rates for a plains game or night hunt in South Africa are in the vicinity of $350-$450 per day with a possible additional fee being charged for night hunting. In Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique you will be required to book a minimum of a 7-10 day hunt, with a daily rate of $600-$700 and pay a trophy fee of approximately $200 for a Jackal and in Tanzania trophy fees are around $540-700, with a daily rate of approximately $1,200 per day.

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When to hunt Side-Striped Jackal?

Jackals may be hunted year round In South Africa and Zimbabwe. In Mozambique, Jackals are only hunted during the hunting season from April to the end of November. In Zambia the season is from May – November. Jackals hunted in Tanzania are taken during the hunting season which lasts from July - December. The best months for hunting Jackals are the dry winter and spring months when the vegetation is sparser, this also coincides with the main hunting season.


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Usually Jackals are hunted as a trophy of opportunity during a hunt when the opportunity arises and you are not busy with a stalk. Jackals are nocturnal and most commonly encountered early morning and late afternoon as most of these areas do not permit shooting at night. Hunting on the large game concessions of Central and Eastern Africa generally means that Jackals may be encountered scavenging at other large predator kills. Although they are opportunistic and will kill small lambs and wounded, sick and old small game animals themselves, so be on the lookout for an opportunity. In most instances, professional hunters are not keen on clients shooting over lion and leopard baits as this can create a disturbance which may chase these large predators away.

Why hunt Side-Striped Jackal?

An omnivorous scavenger, these medium sized predators make quite an interesting full mount. Having both species full mounted in a trophy room makes for an interesting comparison and talking point. Size wise there is not much difference but the colours are quite noticeably different. Another favourite, is to use Jackals on a lion diorama, often shown stealing pieces of meat from the main kill. If this cost is out of your league, they make lovely soft pelts.

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