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Где охотиться на Абиссинского Бушбока

Abyssinian Bushbuck is one of nine recognised Bushbuck species on the continent. As a species, Bushbucks are the most widely distributed antelope species in Africa. The Abyssinian Bushbuck can only be hunted in the Lowlands of Ethiopia.

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Daily rates for a plains game hunt in Ethiopia range from $1850 – 2000. This excludes numerous other incidentals like community and conservation fees that have not been included in the daily rate prices. These rates also depend on the length and other species included in the safari. A trophy Abyssinian Bushbuck fee is in the range of $700.

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When to hunt Abyssinian Bushbuck?

Abyssinian Bushbuck may be hunted year-round in Ethiopia, as there is no set hunting season. Being primarily nocturnal animals that leave the dense undergrowth at night to feed on the forest and riverine margins. The best time to hunt these areas is at dawn and dusk when you are likely to encounter a feeding Bushbuck. They are also a water-dependent species so often drawn to/or found near water during the day. The best hunting is between October and June.


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If possible, locate a vantage point overlooking the side of a canyon and spend some time glassing the side of a canyon searching for an animal sunning itself in the early morning sunshine. Later in the day, you can try a walk and stalk along a riverbank or stream that also makes for good Bushbuck habitat. Move slowly and cautiously trying not to disturb water birds and monkeys, which may set off their alarm calls. When standing in the dark shadows a Bushbuck blends in so well with their local environment. Pay caution to the wind direction as when scented they will bark like a dog and runoff in search of cover.

Why hunt Abyssinian Bushbuck?

Known as Africa’s Whitetail, the smallest of the spiral-horned antelope make for a challenging hunt. Bushbuck come in many stunning colours from virtually jet black to an orange-red, some with spots and some with stripes on their flanks. This makes for some beautiful shoulder mounts. They may be small but fight well above their weight when wounded so always be alert when following a wounded Bushbuck.

Lowland Plains Game Hunting Safari

Lowland Plains Game Hunting Safari

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Season: 1 окт. 2024 - 30 июн. 2025
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Абиссинский бушбок

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