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Bontebok look very similar to Common Blesbok and were virtually hunted into extinction in the early 1800s at which time they were only endemic to the Western Cape Province of South Africa. They are now found scattered over the numerous provinces in South Africa and have even been exported to Namibia. They are available for hunting in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Free State provinces of South Africa and Namibia.

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In South Africa ranch hunt daily rates range from $350-450 per day and trophy fees range from $875 to over $3,000. The best deals are normally offered by the few territory owners who actually have Bontebok on their property. Many Outfitters have this species on their price list but in many instances have to travel great distances to find a property owner who has Bontebok available for hunting, hence the massive price range on the trophy fee.

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When to hunt Bontebok?

Bontebok may be easily hunted year round In South Africa. However, the best time to hunt Bontebok is during the rut from March until May, when the rams are in prime condition. As both males and females have horns, the territorial rutting behaviour by the dominant males makes for easier identification. Being a herd animal this behaviour also makes it easier for your Professional Hunter to ensure that the hunter sets their sites on the correct animal before pulling the trigger.


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Spot and stalk is usually the best way to hunt a Bontebok. Their preferred habitat is open grassland, generally without much cover and often not much broken terrain to use during the stalk. This can make for a long shot and numerous attempts to get close enough to take a shot. When bow hunting, the most successful way of hunting a Bontebok is to make use of a blind overlooking a permanent water source or a mineral block.

Why hunt Bontebok?

Bontebok are generally hunted by the true trophy collectors and not hunted by meat hunters as is the case with their close relative, the Blesbok. They are so similar to the more common and cheaper Blesbok and mostly differ by their darker coat and black horns as well as a white patch at the base of their tails. When compared with a Common Blesbok, a Bontebok really needs to be full mounted to appreciate the differences between the two species.

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