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Where to hunt Pronghorn Antelope

Pronghorn antelope hunting is a classic of the American West. The animals are numerous in most prairie states and provinces, including Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Montana and Alberta. Being exclusively a North American species, the Pronghorn Antelope can’t be hunted anywhere else in the world.

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Wide range and high numbers of the species make Pronghorn Antelope hunting trips one of the most affordable opportunities to experience a guided big game hunt in the West. Most Pronghorn hunts are in the $2,000 - $3,000 range, and go up to $4,000 according to hunt length, type of accommodation, and attractiveness of terrain. The most expensive offers are combination hunts. Antelope hunting may come as a combo with elk and mule deer hunts, and could also include bird hunting, coyote hunting, varmint shooting, and fishing.

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Learn more from our blog story

Our good friend Ron Spomer has written an awesome guest post about Pronghorn Antelope hunting, sharing the story of his first Pronghorn hunt, and explaining why they are perhaps the best species for a first hunt in the West. With many good tips on hunting tactics, choice of rifles and other gear, hints for choosing your outfitter smartly, and amazing facts about the Pronghorn, it’s a must read for anyone considering one’s first hunt in the West. Check it out!

May 10, 2018 Target Pronghorn for Your First Western Hunt: Guest post by Ron Spomer

When to hunt Pronghorn Antelope?

For bowhunters the best time for pronghorn antelope hunting is early in the season, when it’s hot and water is in short supply, so it’s easier to hunt pronghorn from blinds. Trophy hunters tend to prefer the rut period, which with pronghorn typically happens in September and October. The combination of rut and hot weather typically produces best hunting results.


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Spot and stalk is the prime method for hunting Pronghorn Antelope. The first part is usually easy, the second not so much. Apart from amazing speed (the Pronghorn are America’s fastest land animal), the critters are equipped with no less amazing eyesight. Imagine looking through 8x binoculars with 320 degree field of vision. , that some researchers compare to human with 8x binoculars. That means no matter how long-range your rifle, and how confident you are at long-range shooting, you'd better get ready for a long and painful stalk, often involving crawling. Once you've mastered it, however, you can harvest pronghorns even with short-ranged weapons. Bowhunters may also hunt pronghorns out of blinds set over waterholes, or, during the rut, use a decoy to distract the attention of the buck (you better not do that on public land during rifle season, though).

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Pronghorn are all-American creatures, and are unique in many ways. This includes their unusual horns, which they got their name from. They have a bony core that remains with the animal across its life span, and an outer shell that is shed and regrown every year. They aren’t the only species with such a horn structure, but the only species with shedable horns that branch into two prongs. The prongs are uniquely shaped so that in spite of the forks the shells can still come off. For those with “can’t eat horns” attitude, the Pronghorn antelope offers delicious venison, which many rank above deer or elk. But perhaps the greatest lure of pronghorn antelope hunting is the chance to immerse in the ageless past, and, to quote Ron Spomer, to rediscover your hunting heritage, and to return to the wild world from which we’d sprung.

2019 Rifle Antelope 2 day Hunt

2019 Rifle Antelope 2 day Hunt United States

In our area, the best time for trophies is anytime during the season -- period! We can say that because we limit the number of hunters on any one lease to provide excellent hunting for each client. Licenses for both deer and antelope are easily obtained in our areas. Our success is at or near 100% every year, antelope averaging 12" - 16". We usually have one guide per two hunters and hunt both on foot and with 4-wheel drives. Terrain hunted varies from gently rolling to mighty rough and steep. We can make your hunt as easy or as tough as you like. Ranch elevations range from 4,000 to 6,000 feet. An average shot is 200 yards. Therefore, we recommend a flat-shooting rifle with a caliber in the .243 to one of the 7mm magnums. Some .30 calibers are alright, too. Corresponding bullets in the weight range, 100-150 grains, with long-range styles are the best for mule deer and antelope. A fine middle-of-the-road caliber is the .270 win. with a 130-grain bullet weight. We prefer a bolt-action rifle equipped with a 3X9 scope. From experience we don't recommend semi-automatic or iron-sighted guns. Your rifle should be sighted in 2-3 inches high at 100 yards. We highly recommend that you use a bi-pod. It offers an excellent rest for steady shots and can make the difference between a trophy bagged and one lost!

Trip duration: 2 days

Trip available on: 15 October 2019 19 October 2019

$2,100 for 1 hunter
Rifle Antelope Hunt 2x1

Rifle Antelope Hunt 2x1 United States

Our guides are very good at getting you in on antelope for an exciting hunt! Our antelope horns average 13”- 15” the biggest taken was 16 1/8”. The deadline to apply for Antelope license ($700-00) is June 1. When you reserve a hunt with us, we help you through the licensing process.

Trip duration: 3 days

Trip available on: 15 August 2019 30 September 2019

$3,000 for 1 hunter
Antelope Rifle/Archery

Antelope Rifle/Archery United States

Pronghorn is found through the state but the quality of these bucks are located in the northern & eastern part of the state. Our most productive method of hunting these unique animals is spot and stock. On this particular hunt we spend a great deal of time glassing, trying to locate the buck of your choice. The key to harvesting a quality buck on these hunts is the pre-season scouting with the addition and the ability to accurately field judge these bucks correctly. We hunt the open country, cedar flats, and the tall pines of northern & eastern Arizona, so long distance shooting is a must. It is not uncommon to take rifle shots over 400 yards on a antelope. We recommend a flat shooting rifle cartridge, a good high-power riflescope and a mounted bipod, or a tall standing tripod. The spot and stalk hunting methods are mainly used for our rifle and muzzleloader hunts. The AZ Antelope Draw takes place annually the second Tuesday in February, the next draw deadline in February 12th, 2019. Don’t miss it! Contact us for any application or hunt questions. AZGF Hunting License can be purchase and you can apply for the AZ draw on online @ Resident Hunting License ($37) Non-Resident License ($160) Resident Draw-Tag ($103) Non-Resident Draw-Tag ($565) Guided Hunt ($2,850)

Trip duration: 5 days

Trip available on: 23 August 2019 29 August 2019

$3,850 for 1 hunter
Pronghorn Antelope

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