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Discounted offers for hunts in Argentina 38 hunts

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7 days

2020 Red Stag no size limit - 7 nights Argentina

We are one of the top ranches in Argentina offering +85,000 acres of endless free range woods with plenty of Stags, wild boar, rams and additional species like the massive water buffalo and the elusive Blackbucks plus other 10 additional species... challenge for all skill levels. Woody areas assure close encounters with shots in between 50-100 meters... plains areas will require longer shots up to 300 m. Tons of fun for rifle hunters and for bow hunters. Flat terrain with no special requirements nor any special physical condition. Everybody will enjoy the trip from the first minute to the last. On top of this, we offer excellent year round wingshooting on doves & pigeons so we can add wings to the hunt all at same location. We can offer you a Red Stag program during March/April (Stag high season). Such program will give you the chance to feel the adrenaline of the spotting and stalking challenging stags by foot and hunt additional game as per your wish list. You will be able to pick additional game in between 14 species. All of this at the same location ! Recommended time window for free range stag hunt including wings and other game is a 7 nights program. Full week Big Game program Dates: March-April-May (excellent weeks for stags) 7 nights - 6 hunting days. All lodging and hunting services. 1 Free range Red Stag - no size limit. Option to add more species. 1 x 1 Hunting Guide. Regular price per hunter: $5,790 Special price per hunter: $5,300 Total Price non Hunter: extra USD 1,750 If the non hunter opts to hunt along a hunter sharing the guide, we will only charge the licences and game fees. If the non hunter opts to join the wingshooting we will only charge shells and wingshooting licence.

Bow Hunting Hunting From A Blind Rifle Hunting Wing Shooting

Red deer

Package Trip Gun Rental Transfer
2020 Red Stag no size limit - 7 nights 2020 Red Stag no size limit - 7 nights 2020 Red Stag no size limit - 7 nights 2020 Red Stag no size limit - 7 nights 2020 Red Stag no size limit - 7 nights
Package price
for 7 days, 1 hunter

10 reviews

Trip available on: 1 Mar 2020 31 May 2020

1 - 10 days

Special 20% OFF! Los Molles Dove Hunt Argentina

The best wingshooting at the best price! There are not just some birds flying; there are black clouds dancing over our fields, any day, any time of the year, flying constantly between their roosting woods and the open farmlands. If you enjoy hunting, you can't miss these 4 days/3 nights experience. On the arrival day, our staff welcomes you with lunch and get ready to go shooting that same afternoon. The next couple of days our routine starts at 700 am with a wake up call and homemade breakfast. We drive for no longer than 30 minutes to the shooting field. Each hunter has a bird boy assigned, to assist you with shells and drinks. You will be located in a hidden camouflaged spot. Everything is supervised by our dove scout. At noon, you return to the lodge for a classic argentine meal. You can get changed and even take a nap, depending on the time of the year. In the early afternoon you go back to shooting until the day declines. It is common for a single gun to shoot 1,000 birds in a day. Back in the lodge you will find a comfy rural entertaining environment with cocktails, beer, dove chest appetizers, pool and dinner off course. You cannot not have fun. Last day, after the morning hunt and lunch, we will take you to the airport to take your flight. We are a small business, you will be able to share the trip with Tomas. This is a special offer for booking groups of 6 and more hunters with 20% off!

Wing Shooting


Gun Rental Transfer Small Game Wing Shooting
Special 20% OFF! Los Molles Dove Hunt Special 20% OFF! Los Molles Dove Hunt Special 20% OFF! Los Molles Dove Hunt Special 20% OFF! Los Molles Dove Hunt Special 20% OFF! Los Molles Dove Hunt
Price from
for 1 day, 6 hunters

2 reviews

Trip available on: 9 Oct 2018 31 Oct 2019

6 days

5 Day Duck Shooting in Buenos Aires Argentina

The Duck area give to the hunter a greater variety of ducks let harvested up around eleven different species on one trip. The Duck hunting begins in the dark of the morning. After breakfast, we drive to the pond (25 to 90 min. drive) and wade to the blind, these are made of natural vegetation from the area, in or outside the water, which gives the hunting a natural frame that is beyond comparison. The duck hunting consists of both decoy and pass shooting opportunities in incredible numbers with one or two hunters in each location. The guide spreads the decoys and as soon as light comes, the marsh rises in thousand of noises and the ducks start flying, flock after flock to the decoys while the guide calls them, enjoy a great morning of duck hunting. The bird boys carry the decoys; mojo’s, shells, stools and retrieve your ducks. They also call the birds and help you to watch for ducks as they come from multiple directions. We normally hunt three hours in the morning and two in the afternoon, with a break at midday time, we return to the lodge to enjoy an outstanding lunch with famous Argentinean wines and siesta between hunts. During the afternoon, we hunt ducks until is dark. After afternoon hunt return to the lodge and enjoy some drinks and another beautiful meal and get ready for the next day. This program is perfectly combined with geese in the morning or partridge hunting over pointing dogs in the afternoon. Species: Brown and White Cheek pintails, Fulvous and White face tree ducks. Rosy billed Pochard, Chilean Widgeon, Red Shoveler. Teals: Cinnamon, Silver, Speckled, Black head and Brazilian teal. Last dates that we have for this season: May 12th. --- May 17th June 12th. --- June 17th June 17th. --- June 22th.

Hunting From A Blind Shotgun Hunting Waterfowl Wing Shooting


Gun Rental Transfer Small Game Wing Shooting Waterfowl
5 Day Duck Shooting in Buenos Aires 5 Day Duck Shooting in Buenos Aires 5 Day Duck Shooting in Buenos Aires 5 Day Duck Shooting in Buenos Aires 5 Day Duck Shooting in Buenos Aires
Price from
for 6 days, 1 hunter

Trip available on: 1 May 2019 31 Jul 2019

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