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Brown bear discounted offers 2 hunts

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10 days


We are hunting an area that has a large brown bear population and plenty of fish to keep them occupied. The hunt is out of a remote fly-in cabin. The cabin has propane heat, full time electric due to a generator with battery bank, refrigerator and stove. There is hot and cold water, and a shower. We even have a TV with DVD player for your entertainment after a long night of hunting. On all of these hunts we pick you up in Anchorage and fly you from Willow into camp and return you to Anchorage with a stop at D&C Expediters to take care of your hides after your hunt. All flying to and from hunting area and all flying during hunt is included in the price of this hunt. The price includes all meals, guide fees, and equipment. The only thing not included in the hunt is your airfare to Anchorage, hunting license and tags, personal gear, and gratuities. We have baits that we access with ATV’s and boats from the cabin and remote baits we fly to for the evening hunt. We have a brand-new Super Cub that was built just to get in and out of small lakes where no one goes. We fly into these locations for an all-night hunt. The adventure of flying into a remote lake and spending the night with your guide watching a brown bear bait makes this hunt a truly unique experience and a very expensive hunt for us to due given the many hours we spend flying to remote baits and baiting them and flying hunters into them. No one else does this much flying for spring brown bear hunts. If we didn’t own our own planes there is no way could do this type of hunt. The only reason we can fly in and hunt the same day we fly is because Fish and Game made it legal to hunt and fly the same day at bait stations.You will be permitted to harvest one brown bear and up to three black bears with no additional trophy fees. If you harvest a brown bear early in your hunt and wish to continue hunting for a second brown bear this can be done for an additional fee.

Baiting Hunting From A Blind Rifle Hunting Stalking

Brown bear

Package Trip Transfer Dangerous Game Predators
Package price
for 10 days, 1 hunter

Trip available on: 27 May 2019 6 Jun 2019

12 days

Last Spots! Fall Coastal Brown Bear Hunt Alaska, United States

The early to late-fall run of Chum, Sockeye and Coho salmon make this hunt prime. Hunt strategy will range from spot & stalk and ladder stands to bank sitting and pop-up blinds. My policy of one hunter at a time is generally adhered to when brown bear hunting, as the added noise, scent and associated interference of a second hunter will only spoil the chances of success for everyone. Most fall brown bears will be taken during the last light of the day or by moon light. This hunt can be booked as a rifle or archery hunt. Extremely large Brown Bears in Southeast Alaska are not normally as abundant as at Kodiak Island or the Alaska Peninsula. However, some of the largest bears ever taken in Southeast Alaska were taken from my hunt area by my clients. Hunters who have patience, and sometimes simple luck, have harvested brown bears that square 9-feet plus. To-date the largest bear my clients have taken squared 9.8 feet; which is a true measurement – no fudging. It may have gotten bigger by the time it was mounted (They often do) Skull sizes at Haines have exceed 28 inches, but a large bear in Southeast Alaska is anything over 24 inches. Brown Bear, Black Bear and Mt. Goat can be booked as a combination high country hunt. We have no shooting hours in Alaska. The largest, most wary Brown Bears are nocturnal in nature. I can provide a Winchester Model 70 rifle in .338 Magnum and Leopold scope that has an illuminated red dot and a 56-mm objective lens for night hunting. We do not use night vision scopes or infrared scopes because they are illegal in Alaska. We hunt only with natural light. Hunters should arrive a day before a hunt starts, and depart a day after it ends.

Bow Hunting Hunting From A Blind Rifle Hunting Stalking

Brown bear

Package Trip Fishing Gun Rental Transfer Dangerous Game Predators
Last Spots! Fall Coastal Brown Bear Hunt Last Spots! Fall Coastal Brown Bear Hunt Last Spots! Fall Coastal Brown Bear Hunt Last Spots! Fall Coastal Brown Bear Hunt Last Spots! Fall Coastal Brown Bear Hunt
Package price
for 12 days, 1 hunter

Trip available on: 15 Sep 2019 30 Nov 2019

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