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Bill USA 10.0 von 10

Two great hunts in Tajikistan: markhor and urial

This is a very unusual and exciting hunt. It is community based and promotes conservation and sustainable development.


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Manfred Deutschland 8.3 von 10

Good hunting experience

My friend, a German architect, and I, a farmer from the Black Forest in Southwest Germany went on this Ibex-hunting expedition to the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan in March 2015. Quality and comfort of lodging arrangements were quite satisfying and presumably would match the expectations of the majority of foreign hunters who come to such a remote place in search for adventure. All services provided by the site manager’s staff reflected an extremely “authentic” hospitality and the desire of everybody to do his very best. The hunting guides were extremely motivated to lead a successful hunt, they were also perceptive to adjust their working speed at any time to the limits of our physical conditions. Those Kyrgyz and Pamiri guides/hunters have outstanding knowledge about the distribution and localisation of wildlife resources in the hunting area. Their extraordinary competence for targeting potential males to extract was beyond any expectation. In one week on top of the world we both managed to harvest an ibex without stress and hurry. Apart of the numerous ibex we saw a lot of argalis, wolves, eagles etc. Overall it was an exciting challenge and a unique experience to hunt in that remote and unspoiled place. I hope that it will remain for long time as it is ...

Sophie Österreich 9.3 von 10

I was overwhelmed by the fact that after this strenuous climb and the last days I could have the chance to kill this amazing Ibex. It was incomprehensible, I can hardly believe it and i´m really gratefull about everything.

the heartwarming people, the landscape, the hunting days and the night sky

sometimes the food

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Frank USA 10.0 von 10
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Tajikistan 2x2 Ibex Hunt

This remote area is part of a snow leopard conservancy. Their conservation model that they use to protect the wildlife, not using the wild game as a food source like many other countries was amazing. The hospitality, work ethic, team work all exceptional. It's a tough hunt - a day to hike into base camp but I killed an exceptional quality ibex on my first day in route to the 2nd camp. I cant say enough great things about the people, they work very hard to make sure you're happy. After the hunt they took us to the hot springs to relax. I plan on returning to Tajikistan to hunt with this outfitter again.

Unfortunately my friend lost our bags flying with Turkish Air. It's important to keep a full set of clothing in your carry bag. It's very tough to replace your gear in that part of the world. i'm very lucky the temperatures weren't that bad, but my friend also killed his ibex on the very first day.

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John USA 9.7 von 10

2018 Ibex hunt Pamir Mountains

This hunt was as challenging as any hunt I have been on. Our guides worked extremely hard for us and we're very patient with me to help me be successful.

The thin air made it very difficult to climb but I just had to go at my pace.

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Hal USA 10.0 von 10

Abundant game, challenging hunt, all at a very reasonable price.

Game was plentiful, guides were focused on clients needs and took into account hunters shortcomings. Very genuine,very friendly, and very focused on your success.. H&CT has been very effective at bringing ibex, markhor, and Marco Polo back to sustainable numbers. From the time we landed in Dushanbe to the time when we left... we felt at all times very safe and very welcome. Entry and exiting of country was extremely well organized and very efficient. Drivers were very good and vehicles had seat belts and good tires. People were very kind, helpful, and treated my wife and I like royalty.

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Anonymous review Belgien 9.7 von 10

Fantastic Markhor

Great help from everybody. Very warm welcome et fantastic seeneries. THe mountain range is impressive especially with the wolves howling in the background. Many trophy animals. Get ready for long distance shooting.

Accomodations a bit rough when camping at the top of the mountain.

Kirstie USA 9.7 von 10
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Tajikistan Ibex...Amazing Adventure

Coming to Central Asia was a new experience for me. The crew at H&CAT worked tirelessly to ensure our comfort and safety. The unique villages, strenuous hunting and beautiful trophies made for a trip of a lifetime. It was definitely the most difficult yet most rewarding hunt of my life! I highly recommend this hunt to anyone looking for a new challenge!

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Diana USA 9.7 von 10
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Tajikistan ibex: Adventure of a lifetime

In September 2018 I hunted ibex in the Parcham Conservancy of Tajikistan through H&CAT. This hunt is not for everyone. But if you are in good shape, love the mountains, and want to truly experience the culture and lifestyle of central Asia, you will find it to be the experience of a lifetime. I will never forget the kind, generous people, the amazing wildlife, and the stunning beauty of the high Pamirs. I have a fair amount of mountain-hunting experience in North America and elsewhere, and this was by far the most physically difficult hunt I have done. My hunting partner and I were both successful on ibex, taking them at an elevation of more than 16,000 feet after several days of tough climbing and hiking. Ibex are magnificent game animals. Get in good hiking/climbing shape. Prepare for long shots. The time of year you go makes a big difference--early in the season it is much more difficult. We were there at the end of September; it was still warm and there was no snow, and the ibex were very high. Once the snow flies, ibex will move lower, and you won’t have to climb as far. The conservancy guides in Parcham were outstanding. They know these mountains intimately, but just as important, they understand visiting hunters. They have an excellent feel for the pace at which you can hike, and will adjust and care for you accordingly. We stayed in a home in the village, and also spent several nights camped out high on the mountain in a small tent. Even in the village, do not expect indoor plumbing, a great deal of privacy, or other comforts you might be used to. Do, however, expect the kindest, most generous people you have ever met to open their homes to you, share with you what they have, and be your hosts and your friends. The people of Tajikistan are welcoming to hunters and to visitors in general. They take pride in their country and their culture. Everyone we met, in the airport, in the villages, and in the city of Dushanbe, made us feel safe and welcome. Be prepared for a very long, rough drive from Dushanbe to the conservancy and back on the infamous Pamir Highway—an adventure in itself. By participating in this hunt, you will be supporting one of the finest hunter-funded conservation projects in the world. H&CAT’s work in setting up and supporting local conservancies has resulted in healthy and thriving populations of ibex, snow leopards, and other species. The money you pay goes directly to the local conservancy where you hunt—not to an outfitter or middleman--providing direct financial support to the local villages, whose inhabitants are now the greatest champions and protectors of Tajikistan’s mountain wildlife.

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MAURO Italien 10.0 von 10
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Excellent hunting experience

James USA 10.0 von 10
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Ibex Hunt 2019

Honestly, I don’t have any complaints. I was hoping for a great mountain hunt and that is exactly what I got. We saw plenty of ibex covered a lot of ground and I was able to shoot an exceptionally good ibex. I would definitely recommend this hunt to anybody who is looking for a great mountain adventure. Everything from the planning of the hunt to the actual hunt and all the paperwork involved in getting my trophy back into United States went flawlessly. The camp staff, guides and interpreter were all extremely friendly, courteous and kind. Overall just a wonderful experience.

From what I understand, this year there was an exceptional amount of snow in the mountains. I would have liked to experience this hunt without as much snow, LOL, at times the snow was anywhere from 12” to 24” deep which made the hiking difficult at times.

Robert USA 10.0 von 10
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Claude USA 10.0 von 10
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Ibex Dec. 2019

If you want to be proud of yourself as a hunter this hunt epitomizes what is good and right about big game hunting. On this trip you get to see where your money goes. You will be confident that you are investing into the conservation of wildlife and you will know you are helping a community that earns and deserves your support. You will earn your trophy. Another hunter and I went to the Parcham Conservatory in mid-December 2019. We hunted out of Ravmed and Khijez. We were both successful on 10-11-year-old ibex over 40”. The outfitter was helpful and organized. Guides do their best and want you to harvest a trophy. They accommodate any and all physical and skill levels. Game was plentiful. I believe anyone could actually go on this hunt but the better climbing shape you are in your odds of being successful go up exponentially. The farther you can shoot the better off you are. I felt completely safe and welcome everywhere. Sightseeing was fantastic. Amenities go from none to nice.

The travel from Dushanbe to hunting area is arduous.

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Daniel USA 9.0 von 10

went in january had a lot of snow made it hard to get around i think it would have been better in november or december. the crew worked very hard and i had a great time hunting with them. they seen to my every need we had a lot of fun. took two nice ibex would like to go back and try and get the giant we were after

the whole experience was jus awesome would definitely do it again

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Ed USA 9.7 von 10

A great experience

Personnel were very helpful

At 77 years old the mountains are getting harder

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