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Rothirsch in Argentinien jagen

Rothirsch in Argentinien jagen

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Free-range Red Stag no Score Limit Argentinien

This is an exclusive package for “BookYourHunt” community March- May 2021: $4,250 . The regular price is: $4,995 The package includes free-range Red stag (no score limit), lodging, 1x1 guide. Other game can be added by pricelist: including Water Buffalo, Axis Deer, Ram, Blackbuck, Fallow deer, Wild Boar and Gold Medal Red Stags. Your Argentina Red Stag hunting adventure begins following an overnight flight to Santa Rosa, capital of La Pampa. One of our guide, will meet you at the Santa Rosa airport for an hour transfer to the lodge. The following five days will be full hunting days in search of a trophy stag. The red stag hunting starts in the morning before dawn with breakfast and return to the lodge before noon. After the lunch, you can rest in the lodge for a couple of hours to be ready to enjoy the next hunting adventure of the day. You will return after sunset to enjoy the dinner with us. The ranch promises an unmatched red stag hunting experience. The exceptional terrain and the high concentration of hinds attract stags from many miles beyond. During rutting season this results in intense and dramatic roaring. No doubt, it is the most unforgettable and exhilarating experience for a hunter. During the rut, which begins in early March and goes through mid April, we always hear the constant roaring of the majestic red stag, permeating the wind and every aspect of daily living here…You will be inspired to chase and give hunt to the deer of kings! After the stag morning hunting you have the opportunity to hunt other species. For those hunters who like to combine their big game hunt with some wingshooting, we also offer excellent doves & pigeons shooting per $350 per day.

Bogenjagd Büchsenjagd Pirschjagd


Paketangebot Waffen-Verleih Transfer
Free-range Red Stag no Score Limit Free-range Red Stag no Score Limit Free-range Red Stag no Score Limit Free-range Red Stag no Score Limit Free-range Red Stag no Score Limit
für 5 Tage, 1 Jäger

6 Bewertungen

Jagdsaison: 1 Mrz 2021 10 Mai 2021

5 Tage


You have got to the right place if u are looking for a Red stag spot and stalk bowhunt. Heavy woods, plains, openings with close encounters and tons of adrenaline. ​Our Hunting Ranch is located at La Pampa province, the core spot for bowhunting free range Red Stags, Water Buffalo, Blackbucks, Fallow deer and others species. Woody areas assure close encounters with shots in between 30 and 60 yards... plains areas may require above 60 yards shots. Our team offers more than 30.000 acres of free range with several big game species like superb red stags, excellent blackbucks, boars and others. Best time for Red Stags bowhunt is by March because you will be one of the firsts hunter to walk the woods… no hunting pressure so far so chances of close range encounters will be assured. Game is abundant but hunting during first days of the high season is the key for archers. Both manager are bowhunter since youth… that's why we can offer excellent guiding service for demanding bowhunters. RED STAG PROMO DEAL -> 5 nights, 4 1/2 hunting days. -> Mid March - Mid April prime time. -> 1 Free range Red Stag – no limit in size (the best you can get). -> 1 Free range Management Red Stag if the chance shows up. -> 1 x 1 Hunting Guide. -> Option to hunt additional species like: Blackbuck, Water buffalo, Fallow deer, Axis deer, Mouflon plus more (ask for price list fees). -> Option to add wingshooting. -> Comfortable double bed rooms lodging with private bathroom. -> All meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu served by our Staff. -> Day long appetizers with beer & spirits. -> All soft drinks, our selected Argentine malbec wine, local beers, and selected local hard liquor. REGULAR PRICE: USD 6,800 per hunter OPENING Price: USD 4,800 per hunter Non hunting companion: USD 1,000 Plus option to book a seat in our regular charter flight for extra $800 round trip. (Buenos Aires private airport – La Pampa airport)

Bogenjagd Lockjagd (Ruf) Ansitzjagd Tarnjagd Selektionsjagd Pirschjagd


Paketangebot Behindertenfreundlich Waffen-Verleih Transfer
für 5 Tage, 1 Jäger

8 Bewertungen

Jagdsaison: 1 Mrz 2021 31 Aug 2021

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