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Where to hunt Black Faced Impala

Black-Faced Impala is a subspecies of Impala, It is bigger than Common Impala, darker in color, has a longer tail and a characteristic black stripes on the sides of the nose running to the forehead. A small endangered population of Black-Faced Impala exists on the Atlantic Coast of Africa, in southwestern Angola and northwestern Namibia. There’s no hunting for free-roaming Black-Faced Impala, but it has been introduced to game farms in South Africa and Namibia.

Price distribution

Black-Faced Impala is found only on a limited number of game farms, and the trophy fees are higher than for other kinds of Impala (excluding Black Impala). They start at about $1,700, and with daily rates the price of the complete hunt would be about $4,000, unless you want to add a few other species to the trophy list.

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It can be hard for a beginner to calculate a budget for an African hunting adventure. Some of the prices seem too good to be true, others may sound prohibitively expensive. Most outfitters list only “daily rates” and “trophy fees”, sometimes a “package tour”. There’s a long list of things that are “not included” in these costs, and some that are not even mentioned there (like air fare). What are the “other costs” and how much can the total price of the trip come down to?

August 17, 2017 All said and done: What’s the bottom line for an average South African hunt?

When to hunt Black Faced Impala?

On game farms you can hunt Impala almost a year round, but in some places December and January may be too hot for comfortable hunting. The best time to hunt any species of Impala is May, when, during the rut, the biggest males fight for dominance.The rest of the African winter, June to September, is also a good time for a plains game hunt.


Hunting methods All hunting methods (5)

Impala inhabits shrub and savannah type habitat well suitable for spot-and-stalk hunt. This is the method preferred by trophy hunters, because after the animal is spotted, the hunter and the PH usually have the time to estimate the trophy quality and make the decision whether the hunter wants this particular animal or not. It’s best to hunt Impala in the morning or in the evening, when the diurnal antelopes are most active. Impala are social creatures, so when making a shot, take care not to hit more than one animal. Bowhunters may also try hunting the antelopes from ground blinds or elevated stands positioned over waterholes.

Why hunt Black Faced Impala? All hunts (18)

Impala is a graceful, beautiful creature, especially a big, mature buck with his long, lyre-shaped horns. These horns grow all over the creature’s lifetime, and make a spectacular trophy. With its delicious flesh, Impala pleases not only the eyes, but also the taste buds, and is a popular object not only for trophy, but for meat and biltong hunters, too. South African game farms made an invaluable contribution in preservation of many species, and they are financed only by hunter’s payments. So why not find your Black-Faced Impala hunt on

Non Trophy Elephant

Non Trophy Elephant Namibia

This hunt is only available should there be a declared Problem Elephant in the area! So this will be a short notice hunt. All interested hunters should contact me to put them on the "list" as for interested hunters that will be able to react on short notice to get on a fligt and come for the hunt. 10 days including arrival and departure will be minimum. @ US$600.00 per day, including 1 hunter, 1 x non Trophy Elephant(problem) @ US$10000.00. Non trophy hunt. Sizes and sex depends on which animal was declared as a problem. Could be exportable, optional for this package, should Nature conservation declare the trophy exportable, extra US$2000.00 will be added to the "trophy price". If this Elephant is over 30 pounds on the heaviest tusk, another US$2000.00 will have to be paid. Keep in mind, original main priority is that you hunt a non trophy problem elephant. This is an open area, no fences, elephants come and go, this does not always guarantee you a elephant, this is hunting and could not be influenced. More days better chance. Basic Tented bush camp available if hunt over 10 days and if you take the domestic flight( Have to pitch camp before your arrival), Otherwise small town lodge Should you be able to take the trophy, trophies to be in quarantine at least 30 days after it has been cleaned, salted, dried. Then only be collected by the outfitter and brought to taxidermist/shipping agent. Extra cos of US$500.00 This non trophy elephant could cost you a total of US$14500.00 for the "trophy fee" should you be wanting to take the trophy if it were possible. Other species available if still be available(Check out the Back pack hunts for more info)

Trip duration: 14 - 21 days

Hunting season: 1 February 2019 30 November 2019

$17,100 for 1 hunter and 1 guest
Plains Game Hunt 1x1

Plains Game Hunt 1x1 Namibia

For over 20 years we have been looking after our clientele in a caring manner, putting emphasis on personalized service in a relaxed, luxurious atmosphere, where spoiling guests with its culinary delights became part of its trademark. We have 5 professional hunters to assist you and as we operate on a 2:1 ratio, up to 10 hunters can be accommodated at any stage. There is plenty for the non-hunter to enjoy and discover. Full day excursions can also be arranged to Etosha or Waterberg National Park and into the town of Otjiwarongo, or a 3 day tour to the exciting and vibrant town of Swakopmund, at an additional expense. Tours can also be tailor made to your specifications, so please book in advance. We are also operating a taxidermy that specializes in delivering high quality trophies at a reasonable price. We provide a complete, personalized taxidermy service that includes Mounting of all animals, Souvenier Shop and Animal Exhibition.

Trip duration: 3 - 14 days

Hunting season: 1 March 2019 30 November 2019

$4,150 for 1 hunter
Plains Game Hunt 1x1

Plains Game Hunt 1x1 Namibia

We invite you to join us on your next safari. You will leave with premier trophies, great memories, and experience even more than what you had imagined. Dedication, sustainable hunting, fair chase and good hunting ethics provide the basis for hunting with us. The Professional hunters will guide you on your hunt with expert advice and sensitivity, offering each client the best chances of success, resulting in outstanding trophies. Namibia is a great destination for the first time hunter to Africa. For the second and third time hunter, it allows you time to hunt and explore the smallest of antelope in the African bush, to our majestic plains and our breath taking rivers,desert and mountains. Namibia is a hunters paradise with over 40 plains game species to choose from. From the sought after Spiral Horn Collection, Kudu, Eland, Nyala and Bushbuck, to the Springbuck , Blue WildeBeest, Black WildeBeest, Gemsbuck, Red Harte Beest, Waterbuck, Zebra, Warthog, Giraffe, Steenbuck, Duiker, Common Blesbuck, and many more. Days of arrival and departure will be considered each as 1 resting day and charged as $150 p/day. Your stay should include a minimum of 5 hunting days. Please select the desired trophies from the price list what are not included. We prefer to do bow hunting on a 1:1 basis. Hunts are not conducted at night! Please contact us for more information and availability.

Trip duration: 7 - 21 days

Hunting season: 1 February 2019 24 November 2019

$4,575 for 1 hunter
Black Faced Impala

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