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Also known as West African Savanna Buffalo
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Где охотиться на Сенегальского Буйвола

An intermediate size Buffalo compared to the Cape and Forest Buffalo subspecies. Also known as the West African Savannah Buffalo and as the name suggests is well distributed across West Africa. The Northwestern Buffalo is one of the main hunting attractions for hunters visiting the countries of Benin, Burkina Faso and Cameroon where it is hunted on huge territories referred to as a “Concession” or a “Hunting Block”.

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Few hunters will travel to West Africa to hunt Northwestern Buffalo without including other plains game species found in the region. The price of the hunt is determined not only by the trophy fee but the minimum number of hunting days a hunter is required to book as prescribed by the government officials of the country. The price ranges from $ 9,500 - $ 49,000 including the trophy fee for a Buffalo and the length of the hunts range from 7 – 15 days.

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When to hunt Northwestern Buffalo?

Feeding mostly at night, these Buffalo are mostly grazers preferring the well-watered savanna grassland habitats of Western Africa. Hunting takes place between the 15th December and the 30th April, with December, January and February being the most popular hunting months in Burkina Faso. In some territories in Cameroon the season runs from mid-December to the end of May.


Способы охоты

Once again we follow the traditional Buffalo hunt routine. First you need to cut some fresh tracks where the Buffalo may have crossed the road during the night or recently had a drink at a waterhole. Once on the track you will follow your tracker as you walk down the moving herd or lone bull. This walk and stalk can take you many miles before you find yourself in a position to judge the trophy quality. Once the Professional Hunter and you have decided on a suitable animal you will be positioned in the best place to take a shot.

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Why hunt Northwestern Buffalo?

Being French speaking countries their colour ranges are described from noir (black), which generally have the longest horns, to noir-rouge (black-red) to rouge (red). Often found in large numbers, stalking these Buffalo can be quite exciting. They seem very docile animals but can become irritable, unpredictable and dangerous when cornered or wounded. Usually if left alone, they can be quite placid animals but have been known to ambush man, so always concentrate and be alert when hunting Buffalo.

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Сенегальский буйвол

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