Hunting in Western Cape

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About hunting in Western Cape

The Western Cape, situated on the Southern tip of Africa is recognised as one of the most diverse and spectacular places on earth and South Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. Nestled below Table Mountain is the Mother City of Cape Town which extends all the way down to the Cape Peninsula where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet to create the infamous “Cape of Storms”. Inland you find historical towns dotted amongst the vineyards and famed fynbos (Cape flora) leading to the arid Karoo. With all these attractions there is a lot for the non-hunters and observers to enjoy. Many family hunts choose this as their destination of choice and after the hunt take some family time out to enjoy the sites, culture and hospitality of the region. Hunting opportunities can be found within an hour’s drive of the city limits. The hunts on offer range from 5 – 10 day plains game hunts. However there are other unique opportunities on offer, like an all-inclusive one day Springbuck hunt, with pick-up and drop-off in Cape Town. These day excursions are offered as break away packages from the numerous expos and conventions held in the city or a foreigner who just wants to experience a hunt in Africa. Try it once and you will be hooked for life. As you travel further inland the climate becomes more arid. This area offers great Gemsbuck and Springbuck hunting including the opportunity of hunting a Springbuck Slam, which consists of a Black, White, Common and Copper Springbuck. Some of the specials available in the province are Red Lechwe, Grey (Vaal) Rhebuck and Klipspringer in the mountains and the endemic Cape Grysbuck. Although not all the “Big 5” can be hunted in the Western Cape, numerous game ranches have good Buffalo hunting available. If you are after a fine wine and dining experience, this is the province for you. There is some fine upland and waterfowl hunting to be had. These combos are often sold in conjunction with a culinary delight that will appease all tastes that include South Africa’s best wine and brandy, all home grown and bottled in the Western Cape. Threatened or Protected Species (TOPS) and CITES permits are required for some species even with an exemption permit. All the necessary documentation details will be provided by your Outfitter. Learn more about South African hunting regulations here.

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