Hunting in Free State

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About hunting in Free State

This province is essentially a Highveld (highland) grassland plateau. This predominantly flat plain with scattered hills (kopjies) rises to the spectacular sandstone Maluti Mountains of the Golden Gate National Park. The province shares a border with the little known independent country of Lesotho, known as the “Mountain Kingdom” which boasts the highest mountain peak in the Drakensberg (Dragon Mountains) Mountain range, Thabana Ntlenyana at 3,482 m (11,424 ft) high. When hunting in the shadow of these mountains in winter you can expect cold, windy and sometimes snowy conditions. The Highveld specials can be hunted during your visit to the Free State, these include the Black Wildebeest and Grey Rhebuck. Plentiful in the region are Gemsbuck, Blesbok, Springbuck, Red Hartebeest, Roan, Sable, Waterbuck, Red Lechwe, Zebra and even Buffalo. Some Outfitters also offer small predator hunts at night with a spotlight, hunting mainly for Caracal, Serval and Jackals. The province has a thriving agricultural industry which produces 70% of the country’s maize (corn) and the bulk of the country’s sunflower crop. The combination of these two crops when harvested provides some of the finest bird shooting opportunities in the world. Everything from doves, pigeons to upland birds and waterfowl are attracted to these fields during the harvest to enjoy the spilt grain and sunflower seeds. Good cover around the corn field also offers some great Francolin, Spurfowl and Guineafowl shoots. These hunts normally commence first thing in the morning while the cold winter air is still dense leaving good scent trails for the pointing dogs. When the dogs tire, it’s time to move onto the mid-morning shoot, an assortment of doves and the highly rated Speckled Pigeons (formerly called Rock Pigeon). Rockies, as referred to by local bird hunters, are fast flying and a much sought after quarry by bird shooting enthusiasts. Читать больше...

The day is rounded off with a waterfowl shoot when the birds return to roost on the shores of the many water impoundments in the area. Numerous duck species, including Yellow-billed Ducks and Spurwing Geese, Africa’s biggest Goose (size of a Snow Goose) are hunted at last light. If you are looking for something different, take a horseback hunt in the spectacular Maluti Mountains for free-range Eland and the endemic Grey Rhebuck. Threatened or Protected Species (TOPS) and CITES permits are required for some species even with an exemption permit. All the necessary documentation details will be provided by your Outfitter. Learn more about South African hunting regulations here. Скрыть детали


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