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Slovenia lies in the center of Europe, bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. It also has a small but spectacular Adriatic Sea coast. The north-west of the country is dominated by the Alps, while in the south one finds the smaller, but abundantly wooded Dinarian Mountains. In the center of the country lies the Karst Plateau, while the eastern part of Slovenia belongs to the Pannonian Plains. In short, Slovenia's geography offers a mosaic of hunting terrains and species, set against the backdrop of the country's stunning natural beauty.

About hunting in Slovenia

From chamois in the Alps to brown bears in the Dinaric forests, Slovenia provides a rich and diverse hunting experience that respects both tradition and conservation. Читать больше...

Slovenia, nestled in the heart of Europe, offers an enchanting landscape for recreational hunting, characterized by its diverse geographical features. From the Alpine northwest to the Pannonian plains in the east and the Mediterranean coast in the south, Slovenia's varied terrain provides habitats for a rich array of game species. The Julian Alps, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, and the Karavanke range dominate Slovenia's northwest, offering rugged terrain that's home to chamois and Alpine ibex. These mountainous areas provide challenging hunts in steep, often snow-covered terrain, requiring good physical condition and mountain hunting skills. The dense forests in the lower mountain areas are inhabited by red deer, roe deer, and wild boar. The limestone Karst plateau, extending towards the Mediterranean, is known for its dense forests and cave systems. This region is rich in wild boar and roe deer. The unique terrain, with its mix of rocky ground and thick vegetation, offers exciting stalking opportunities for hunters. The Karst region also supports a population of mouflon, providing opportunities for hunting this exotic species introduced to Slovenia. Covering much of southern Slovenia, the Dinaric region is characterized by extensive forests and hilly terrain. This area is particularly noted for its population of brown bears, making Slovenia one of the few European countries where bear hunting is possible. The eastern part of Slovenia, towards the border with Hungary, features the Pannonian Plains, an area of rolling hills and agricultural lands. Here, hunters can find pheasants, grey partridges, and hares. Slovenia operates under a strict game management system, with hunting allowed in designated hunting grounds managed by local hunting families and societies. The country is known for its commitment to preserving biodiversity and maintaining balanced ecosystems, with hunting tourism contributing to conservation efforts and rural development. Скрыть детали

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Hunting opportunities in Slovenia are priced typically for Europe, with a daily rate, which usually includes lodging and catering, and trophy fee. A smaller or “representative” animal may be included in the price, while a more spectacular trophy is charged separately, according to size. The calculation formula may be complicated and not intuitively clear for hunters from countries where flat trophy fees are the rule.

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Hunting in Slovenia is carried out in line with the general European tradition, with an emphasis on hunting from high seats and driven hunts. A combination of stalking and calling is practiced for spring roebuck and red deer hunting during the rut, while mountain hunting, as anywhere else, is about spot-and stalk.

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Roe buck hunt in Slovenia

Длительность тура: 3 - 7 дней
Season: 1 мая 2024 - 31 окт. 2024
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Autumn Brown bear "Bronze medal" package

Autumn Brown bear "Bronze medal" package

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Медведь бурый
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Red deer "Representative" package

Red deer "Representative" package

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Season: 1 сент. 2024 - 31 окт. 2024
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