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Croatia is one of the Balkan states, located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe with a long Adriatic Sea coastline. It borders Slovenia to the northwest, Hungary to the northeast, Serbia to the east, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to the southeast. From the dense forests of Gorski Kotar and Lika to the rugged Dinaric Alps, and the rich wetlands along the Danube, Croatia’s terrain provides habitats for a wide variety of game species.

About hunting in Croatia

From the dense forests of Gorski Kotar and Lika to the rugged Dinaric Alps, with a wide diversity of game animals from red deer and wild boar to Balkan chamois and brown bear, Croatia offers a unique hunting experience that attracts hunters from around the globe. Читать больше...

Croatia is a developed European country, but can boast of vast areas of unspoilt nature, and in fact is rated as one of the European countries with the highest levels of biodiversity. It has numerous mountain ranges, starting with the Dinaric Alps that stretch along the Adriatic coast and are home to large game such as brown bears, wolves, and chamois. The Velebit and Biokovo mountains are particularly noted for their rugged beauty and diverse ecosystems. In the center of the country you can find densely forested areas such as Gorski Kotar and Lika. Fertile plains along the Danube River are characterized by agricultural fields and oak forests. This region is renowned for its high-quality roebuck and wild boar hunting. The wetlands along the Sava and Danube rivers offer excellent habitats for waterfowl. Some small islands in the Adriatic Sea have been turned into game preserves, and offer hunting for released animals such as axis deer and feral goats. As a hunting destination, Croatia can see any other country in Europe when it comes to such Old World classics as red and fallow deer, roebuck, and wild boar, and has a few unique offers on top of it. One refers to mountain hunting. Unlike some other destinations, where the mouflon exists on level, wooded terrain, in Croatia the mouflon inhabits typically mountain habitat, and offers classic mountain sheep hunting experience, often taking place on the background of breathtaking Adriatic coast views. In the mountain game category Croatia can also offer the Balkan chamois, which is bigger than its Alpine cousin, and hybrid Kri-Kri ibex. But perhaps the strongest trump in Croatia's hunting hand is brown bear hunting. Croatia has a strong population of Ursus arctos, which is a part of a larger Dinaric-Pindos population that spans several countries in the Balkan region. Estimates suggest that Croatia has a population of approximately 1,000 bears. Legal bear hunting in Croatia is conducted under strict regulations, with a limited number of permits issued each year, which is not something every European country can boast of. Croatia is a member state of the European Union, the Euro Zone, and the Schengen Agreement. With a well-developed tourism industry and travel infrastructure, it's a convenient destination for travelers from the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and of course other EU member states. Croatia places a strong emphasis on conservation and sustainable hunting. The country’s hunting areas are managed by hunting associations, which are responsible for maintaining the game populations and habitats. Foreign hunters are welcome but must hunt with a licensed guide or outfitter. Whether you’re navigating the mountainous terrains for chamois, stalking deer in the lush forests, or setting your sights on waterfowl in the wetlands, Croatia provides a memorable hunting experience that combines challenging sport with the beauty of the natural world. And if you like fishing, too, you can't miss an opportunity to cast your lines into the Adriatic Sea (check out our sister website BaitYourHook.com for fishing offers in Croatia). Скрыть детали

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Individual stalking and high seat hunts in Croatia start at about 300 Euro a hunter a day, and may go up to 500-600 Euro, especially if accommodation is included. Driven hunts can be a tad more expensive, with 400-580 a hunter a day. Trophies are often priced on top of daily rates; some outfitters charge flat trophy fees but pricing according to trophy size is more common. For comparison, a brown bear hunt with flat trophy fee may be priced around 12,000-15,000 Euro, while if priced per CIC point a record-sized bear would go over 20,000. When booking a hunt, read all conditions thoroughly, and in case of doubt, ask the outfitter through our chat system.

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As elsewhere in Europe, driven hunts, particularly for wild boar, are popular in Croatia. These are often a communal activity involving local hunting clubs. Stalking is a common method for hunting red deer and roe deer, as well as other deer species, and may be combined with calling in the rut time. Another typically European hunting method widely practiced in Croatia is hunting from high seats. Bear hunts in Croatia are conducted almost exclusively through this method. In the more rugged terrain, mountain hunts for chamois and mouflon are carried out, which require a high level of fitness and skill. Migratory woodcock is pursued over pointing dogs.



Each season, more and more hunters are going to Croatia. This beautiful country has many hunting opportunities for multiple trophy species, great prices, good weather, easy logistics, and friendly people. Croatia offers an exciting range of European hunting possibilities not found anywhere else..

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