Hunting in Podlaskie

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Podlaskie Voivodeship lies in the northeastern part of Poland, bordering Belarus to the east and Lithuania to the north. It is bordered internally by the Masovian, Lublin, and Warmian-Masurian Voivodeships. Białystok is the largest city and the capital of the region, known for its vibrant cultural scene and historical significance.

About hunting in Podlaskie

With its ancient Białowieża Forest, enchanting forests, rivers, and wetlands, the Podlaskie Voivodeship is one of the most attractive parts of Poland for hunters and lovers of the outdoors. Read more...

The Podlaskie Voivodship (Województwo podlaskie) is situated in northeastern Poland and is renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty and rich cultural diversity. Its mostly flat terrain is interspersed with gentle hills and large wetlands. The river valleys and wetlands, particularly in the Biebrza National Park, are crucial breeding and nesting grounds for many bird species, including rare and endangered ones like the aquatic warbler and the greater spotted eagle. Podlaskie features a variety of landscapes, including picturesque river valleys (like the Biebrza and Narew), scenic lakes, and lush forests. The landscape also includes the scenic Suwałki Landscape Park in the north, known for its unique postglacial features, lakes, and hills. The name of the voivodship can be translated into English as "under woods", and it's telling: here you find parts of the Białowieża Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the last and largest remaining parts of the immense primeval forest that once stretched across the European Plain. The Białowieża Forest and other wooded areas in Podlaskie are home to a diverse range of plant species, including ancient oak, spruce, and pine trees. The region's wetlands support a unique variety of aquatic and marsh plants. Podlaskie boasts a rich wildlife, the highlight of which being the European bison (żubr), an iconic species found in the Białowieża Forest. Of note also is a small herd of moose. Wildlife of the Podlaskie Voivodship also includes wolf, lynx, roe, red, and fallow deer, mouflon and wild pigs. Ever since the Middle Ages, the Białowieża Forest was protected by the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Kings of Poland, Tsars of Russia, and Communist leaders, who saw it as their favorite hunting ground. These elites of old are long gone, but the hunting opportunities in Podlaskie Voivodship remain truly royal. Hide details

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