Hunting in New Caledonia

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New Caledonia lies in the southwest Pacific Ocean, east of Australia and north of New Zealand. This archipelago consists of the main island, Grande Terre, surrounded by smaller islands and atolls. The main island's geography features a central mountain range flanked by coastal plains.

About hunting in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a French overseas territory, an archipelago lost in the South Pacific, which has some of the biggest rusa deer in the world. Читать больше...

New Caledonia, a French territory comprising dozens of islands, is known for its diverse ecosystems from dense tropical forests to coastal mangroves. This island paradise is home to unique game species, notably the rusa deer. Stemming from a few animals that were sent as gift to the French governor from Java in the 1870s, the animals have multiplied and developed into a healthy and numerous population. What’s more, the rusa deer in New Caledonia have incredibly big antlers, producing the most impressive rusa trophies in the world. Many hunters, mostly from Australia and New Zealand, come to New Caledonia to hunt the rusa stags. Travel to New Caledonia is facilitated through La Tontouta International Airport, with direct flights from various parts of Asia, Pacific, and mainland France. Hunting trips are typically led by experienced outfitters who offer guided tours, ensuring compliance with local hunting regulations. Accommodations range from luxury resorts to rustic lodges, catering to all preferences. If you think it’s strange to fly to one of the most remote corners of the world for just one species of deer, don’t forget that New Caledonia is one of the places fully deserving the moniker of “tropical paradise”. It has the biggest lagoon and the biggest uninterrupted barrier reef in the world, with absolutely breathtaking underwater views, unique indigenous kanak culture, and more. Скрыть детали

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Hunting in New Caledonia is selective, and subject to strict regulations, in order to maintain heard health and trophy quality. The most common method for rusa deer hunting is the traditional spot-and-stalk technique. Ethical hunting practices are emphasized, with respect for the natural environment and animal welfare being paramount.

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6-Day Rusa Deer Hunt

6-Day Rusa Deer Hunt

New Caledonia
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New Caledonia

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