Grant's Gazelle hunting

Also known as Southern Grant's Gazelle
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Where to hunt Grant's Gazelle

Grant’s gazelle, a medium-sized antelope that may be confused with the smaller Thomson’s gazelle. When in a mixed group it is easy to see the size difference. Both sexes have horns with the males having longer lyre-shaped ringed horns than the females. The SCI record book has listed this species into two subspecies; the more commonly hunted Southern Grant’s gazelle that can be hunted in Masailand, Tanzania and the Northern Grant’s Gazelle that is slightly darker in colour and can only be hunted in Ethiopia.

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Grant’s gazelle may be hunted in Tanzania and Ethiopia. The majority of hunts on offer in the country range from 10 to 21 days or more. The daily rates for these 10 – 28 day safaris range from $1,650 – 1,950 per day with a trophy fee of approximately $950. In Ethiopia, the safari daily rates are approximately $1995 per day and the trophy fees around $1200.

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When to hunt Grant's Gazelle?

Grant’s gazelle may only be hunted during the hunting season. The hunting season in Tanzania runs from July - December and in Ethiopia, the season is from October - June. Hunting during the wetter months should be avoided if possible. Grant’s gazelles are mixed feeders and prefer the wide-open plains and short shrub lands avoiding areas with long grass and tall shrubs, a self-preservation instinct to elude the chances of predation from Cheetahs and Wild Dogs. During the dry season, they will drink water but are mostly independent of a permanent water source.


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Due to their habitat and behavioural patterns, it is difficult to approach Grant’s gazelle undetected and they have good eyesight. Spot and stalk is the most common method used to hunt these gazelles. Once sighted at a distance from the vehicle, the animal will be glassed over as a suitable trophy and then the approach stalk will be planned. This behaviour and preference for open plains make for a difficult approach and generally, hunters end up taking a long well placed long shot.

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Why hunt Grant's Gazelle?

Grant’s gazelle is a Masailand (East African) special. Their limited distribution and affordable price make them a sought after gazelle species. They make spectacular shoulder mounts and for gazelle collectors, it is a must in any trophy room. The meat also makes for a good campfire dinner.

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