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Also known as Southern Gerenuk, Giraffe Gazelle
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Где охотиться на Геренук

Gerenuk means “giraffe-necked”, a name derived from the locally spoken Somali language. This strange-looking antelope has an exceptionally long neck, a small head for its size with large eyes and ears. It is sometimes referred to as a Giraffe Gazelle or Waller’s Gazelle, although they are strictly not a gazelle at all. The SCI record book has them listed as two sub-species; the more commonly hunted Southern Gerenuk which can be hunted in Masailand Tanzania and the lowlands of Ethiopia, east of the Omo River. The Northern Gerenuk with its slight colour and size difference can be hunted southeast of the Awash River in Ethiopia.

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Gerenuk hunted in Tanzania can only be hunted on a 21-day license although some outfitters may offer a shorter length safari that includes a Gerenuk. Daily Rates for these 10 – 28 day safaris range from $1,650 – 1,950 per day with a trophy fee of approximately $5000 - 5600. In Ethiopia, the safari daily rates are approximately $1995 per day and the trophy fees around $3000.

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When to hunt Gerenuk?

Gerenuk may only be hunted during the hunting season that varies from country to country. In Tanzania, the season is from July - December and in Ethiopia, the season runs from October - June. However, your outfitter will recommend the most suitable time. Gerenuk prefer open arid thornveld (bush) and best hunted during the drier months.


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Gerenuk is a difficult animal to hunt. Being shy and skittish, they are best hunted by walking and stalking in an area where they are known to occur. Like most antelope, they are most active at dawn and dusk avoiding the heat of the day. They are browsers and may be seen standing on their hind legs like goats feeding on fresh leaves and pods up to 2 metres off the ground. Similar in both habits and colour to Impala, only the males have horns and if you encounter a herd of females there is a strong likelihood that there is a male in close proximity. Gerenuk is a water independent species, so there is no point in searching for a trophy anywhere near a water source unless an early spring blossom of fresh green leaves attracts them to the drainage area.

Why hunt Gerenuk?

As already mentioned, this is one of the strangest looking antelope and a full mounted specimen will make a great conversation piece in any trophy room. Due to their limited distribution, they are known as a sought after Masailand special. Good horn length and thick bases are what you look for in a trophy.

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