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The Limpopo Bushbuck is found in the Limpopo River basin, from whence it derives its name. This subspecies occupies the zone between the Chobe and the Cape Bushbuck. Always found near water, it favours thick bush, mountainous terrain and riverine vegetation along the Limpopo River being favoured by most hunters. It is well distributed from the dry semi-arid bushveld of Botswana into Southern Zimbabwe, the Limpopo Province in South Africa up to the Lebombo Mountains in Southern Mozambique. All these regions offer excellent hunting opportunities.

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The prices range is according to the habitat suitability and availability of the animal in the territory you are hunting. Bushbuck may be included as a package deal for those territories bordering the Limpopo River where it commonly occurs. Botswana has limited hunting opportunities with similar rates to South Africa. These daily rates are in the region of $350-$450 per day and the trophy fee for a Limpopo Bushbuck ranges from $950-$1,250. In Zimbabwe and Mozambique you will be required to book a minimum of a 7-10 day hunt, with a daily rate of $600-$700 and pay a trophy fee of approximately $400-$500 plus license fees.

When to hunt Limpopo Bushbuck?

Limpopo Bushbuck may be hunted year round In Zimbabwe South Africa. Botswana is open for hunting from March until November and in Mozambique the season is open from April 1 to November 30. The best months for hunting Bushbuck are the dry months of June to October, the reason being that these animals are a very water dependent species and the vegetation is not so dense. Bow hunters can attempt a walk and stalk along the river banks or sit in a blind built overlooking a waterhole for the best success.


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Walk and stalk along river banks, streams and gullies are your best hunting areas. Easily alerted by water bird alarm calls, so try avoid detection from the birds while you move slowly along the river bank glassing the dense bush and reed beds. Being nocturnal, they are best hunted in the early morning and at last light. During the heat of the day it will lie up in the thickets and difficult to see in the shadows. Bushbuck are attracted to irrigated pastures and will often break cover in the late afternoon to move out to feed in the open fields. Pay caution to the wind direction as when scented they will bark like a dog and run off for cover.

Why hunt Limpopo Bushbuck?

Africa’s Whitetail makes for an extremely challenging hunt. A blend in colour between the Cape Bushbuck and Chobe Bushbuck, a dark reddish-brown with white spots on the buttocks, against the legs, at the base of the neck against the throat. It is the smallest member of the spiral horned species making it a most desirable species to add to your spiral horn collection. Easily alerted, it often freezes and you will walk right past it. Its alarm call is a horse dog-like bark usually made just before taking off for cover. They make great full and shoulder mounts and for their size should be treated with respect as they can be very dangerous when wounded.

1:1 Real Authentic Plainsgame Safari

1:1 Real Authentic Plainsgame Safari

Лимпопо, Южно-Африканская Республика
Бушбок долины Лимпопо, Павиан, Гну белохвостый, Шакал чепрачный, Гну голубой...
Длительность тура: 5 - 18 дней
Season: 1 янв. 2024 - 31 дек. 2024
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за 5 дней, 1 охотник
1:1 Horseback Hunt (Optional)

1:1 Horseback Hunt (Optional)

Лимпопо, Южно-Африканская Республика
Бушбок долины Лимпопо, Павиан, Черная импала, Шакал чепрачный, Гну голубой...
Длительность тура: 6 - 21 дней
Season: 1 февр. 2022 - 30 нояб. 2024
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за 6 дней, 1 охотник, 1 гость
Limpopo Trophy Hunt 1x1 - Luxury Lodge

Limpopo Trophy Hunt 1x1 - Luxury Lodge

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Лимпопо, Южно-Африканская Республика
Бушбок долины Лимпопо, Гну голубой, Зебра саванная (Бурчеллова), Дукер кустарниковый, Орикс...
Длительность тура: 3 - 10 дней
Season: 1 янв. 2024 - 31 дек. 2024
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за 3 дня, 1 охотник
Бушбок долины Лимпопо

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