Boehm's Zebra hunting

Also known as Grant's Zebra
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Where to hunt Boehm's Zebra

Boehm’s Zebra, also known as Grant’s Zebra, are the smallest of the seven subspecies. They differ from other Zebras as they have no shadow stripes, their black stripes are broader than the Burchell’s Zebra and their stripes go all the way down to the legs to their hooves. Their distribution range is from west of the Luangwa River in Zambia, through northern Mozambique to the southernmost parts of Ethiopia and Somalia, including the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem in Tanzania and Kenya. They are readily hunted in Tanzania and Mozambique.

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Boehm’s Zebra may be found on price lists in Mozambique and Tanzania. Although trophy fees are approximately the same in both countries at around $1500-1600, there is an extreme variation in the daily rates that often depends on the other species that may be targeted during your hunt. In Mozambique, the daily rates for the Niassa area start at around $800 a day, whilst in Tanzania, the daily rates may be as high as $3580 per day.

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When to hunt Boehm's Zebra?

Boehm’s Zebra may only be hunted during the respective hunting seasons in Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania that opens after the rains when the roads and tracks become passable again. These seasons are as follows: Mozambique: 1 April – 30 November Tanzania: I July - 31 December Zambia - 1 May - 30 November


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Zebras are highly social animals, extremely alert and have good hearing and eyesight. They are bulk grazers so found in grassland areas unless passing through bushy areas in search of water. They are a water-dependent species so will always be found near water. They are best hunted in the early morning and late afternoon whilst grazing and not as alert whilst resting up during the middle of the day and constantly scanning the horizon for predators and hunters.

Why hunt Boehm's Zebra?

Zebra skins are one of the most popular trophies that hunters bring home from an African safari. The pattern of stripes is unique for each individual animal and also differentiates between subspecies. Zebras are not served as meals at every hunting camp, but many hunters who tried it say that it’s some of the tastiest venison they’ve ever eaten. Zebra hunting offers a unique challenge and a different edge to your plains game safari, and the striking black-and-white stripes, whether as a carpet on the wall, a rug on the floor, or a piece of original taxidermy, will be a constant reminder of the experience - and an endless inspiration to think about enigmatic Africa.

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Зебра Бёме

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