Red-Flanked Duiker hunting

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Where to hunt Red-Flanked Duiker

Duikers are found throughout sub-Sharan Africa and split into two main groups, the forest Duikers and those that inhabit the savannas. The Red-flanked Duiker belongs to the savanna Duiker group and found across Western Africa from Senegal to Central Africa as far as Sudan. It may be hunted in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Central African Republic. Currently BookYourHunt only has listing offers from Cameroon.

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Cameroon offers the greatest variety of huntable Duikers, however most hunters add Red-flanked Duikers to their trophy wish list during a 6 -10 day package hunt which normally includes some of the specialty species for the region. These hunts range in price from $1,115 to $1,900 per day depending what additional trophies are requested. If Lord Derby Eland are included in the package the daily rates may increase to $2,675 per day. Trophy fees range from $390 - $660.

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When to hunt Red-Flanked Duiker?

In Cameroon Red-flanked Duikers may only be hunted during the hunting season which opens on January 1 and closes on June 30. However the savanna hunting season is from January 1 until April 30. The best months for hunting Red-flanked Duiker are the dry months which coincide with the savanna hunting season. This is when food is most scarce and the trees tend to drop their leaves and hunting visibility is at its best.


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Walk and stalk is an option when hunting Red-flanked Duikers. Walk slowly along riverine forests and near thickets in the vicinity of permanent water sources. These antelope tend to follow monkey activity picking up leaves and fruits dropped by foraging Monkeys and Baboons. They are a diurnal species which tend to feed along these forest margins and may be encountered any time of the day but are most active at dawn and dusk.

Why hunt Red-Flanked Duiker?

Of the 22 Duiker species, 17 are huntable. Although not big and dangerous, the Duikers take some serious perseverance to hunt and anyone boasting a large Duiker collection will need to spend many days in the field hunting these smart little animals. Owing to their size, Red-flanked Duikers make marvelous full mounts especially when mounted with a little bit of habitat. A Duiker collection may also comprise of skull mounts but to truly appreciate your efforts you need to consider full mounting most of your trophies to appreciate the different size and colours. Also keep in mind that Red-flanked Duiker would be classified as one of the “Tiny Ten”.

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