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About Walk Up With Dogs

Dogs were the first animals that coexisted with our ancestors, and helped them not only to protect their homes, but also to harvest their game. In the course of coevolution, various breeds and kinds of hunting dogs, as well as hunting methods, were developed. In the strict sense of the term, “walked up with dog” hunts are about the pursuit of small game with pointers, setters, or spaniels. But the world of hunting with dogs is incredibly diverse and varied, and this category includes also hunting with hounds for big game such as black bears, mountain lions, and more. For small-game hunting, the purpose of the dogs is to locate the birds and rodents such as rabbits, so that the game neither escapes the hunters by the “freeze” avoidance strategy, nor flees before the hunters are within shooting distance. Pointers, setters, or spaniels move in front of the hunter, searching the area. When they do, pointers and setters freeze just before the bird would’ve taken flight, giving the hunter a chance to move into position and prepare for the shot. Then the command is given and the dog flushes the bird. The flushers, such as spaniels, flush the bird straight away. They are highly practical for birds that don’t hold the point, and make the hunt a constant tension. Big-game hunting with dogs is usually done with hounds. Sight hounds use speed to catch their prey, which is typically limited in size to fox or hare. Some breeds, however, can stop and kill animals up to a wolf or gazelle (in South Africa they used to run hounds after the springbok). Scent hounds follow the trail of an animal, and the hunter can follow the course of the chase by their baying. The hunter will then either intercept the beast as it makes its escape - most animals don’t run away in a straight line, but will circle and return to their familiar ground - or, when the hounds put the animal at bay (including such serious opponents as bears, cougars, wild hogs and even leopards), the hunter approaches it to shoot or finish with a bladed weapon. Читать больше...

Retrievers are indispensable for finding and bringing killed and wounded birds back to the hunter. Dachshunds and terriers drive small burrow-dwellers out of their lairs. Bloodhounds follow the blood trail of wounded big-game animals, and are simply invaluable in this respect. Husky-type dogs of the Northern Eurasia put marten, sable, blackcock and capercaillie at bay in trees, allowing the hunter to stalk and shoot - but can stop a moose or brown bear as well. Many an African PH is followed by a small Jack Russel terrier, or a similar sized mix or mutt, that will help find an antelope wounded by the client and are ready to fight everything up to an elephant. Many hunters say they’d rather be outdoors without a gun than without a dog. However, training and keeping hunting dogs is an enterprise that takes a lot of time, dedication, knowledge, and skill. And if you’re considering getting your own hunting dog, it’s better to hunt first with one that is kept by someone else, to make sure it’s for you before you invest a few years and thousands into buying and raising the pup. As for packs of hounds, few hunters have an opportunity to keep them. Therefore, an outfitter who offers hunts over dogs is hunter’s best friend. Book your hunt with dogs on BookYourHunt.com. Скрыть детали

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