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Где охотиться на Коба

Scientifically, only three subspecies of Kob are recognised although the hunting record books may show more. These species are the Central African or Buffon’s Kob, Uganda Kob, Western Kob and the White-Eared Kob. They are distributed across Central Africa and parts of the Eastern and Western Africa. They may be hunted as follows: Western Kob – Available for hunting in Benin and Burkina Faso Buffon’s Kob – Can be hunted in Cameroon but not always differentiated with the Western Kob so check with your outfitter. Uganda Kob – Only available in Uganda

Распределение цен

In Burkina Faso a 7 day Kob hunt sells for approximately $1,200-1,900 per day with a trophy fee of approximately $3,800. A similar hunt in the Cameroon will cost approximately $1,000-3,750 per day depending on what other species are hunted. If hunted with Lord Derby Eland these sought after hunts are more expensive than the small antelope hunts which are the least expensive. The trophy fees for Kob also range from $550-1,850 depending on the area.

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When to hunt Kob?

In Benin the hunting season is open from December 15 to May 15. The Burkina Faso season runs from December 1 to May 31. In Cameroon the season is much longer from January 1 to June 30. The early part of the hunting season (Savanna Season) is when you need to hunt Kob up until April 30. Being an animal that prefers floodplain habitat, the best months for hunting Kob are the dry months when the grass is at its shortest and water levels have receded. The Uganda Kob can be hunted from December - July.


Способы охоты

Walk and stalk is you best method of hunting. They are often found way out in the open so best is to walk along the reedbed or tree line margins using this as cover while keeping in the shadows and glassing regularly into the distant floodplain. Once you see a suitable ram you will need to plan your approach very carefully as often there is not much cover to work with. However, they may also tend to be quite inquisitive and often stop to look back giving the hunter a chance to take a shot.

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Why hunt Kob?

Kob look like a cross between a Red Lechwe and an Impala. They make up an interesting group of animals to hunt with each sub-species having their own colour variations and some interesting horn shapes. It is always a challenge to outsmart a Kob when hunting on very exposed floodplains without much cover. The different sub-species are generally collected by true collectors and make great shoulder mount displays.

Lord Derby Eland & Buffalo Safari

Lord Derby Eland & Buffalo Safari

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8 Days Medium Cameroon Safari

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