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Directly translated from the Afrikaans language, this small antelope’s name means “Rock Jumper”. With its goat-like hooves, the Klipspringer is found on rocky outcrops and hilly terrain with sparse vegetation, from Eastern Africa down to South Africa and along the dry arid areas of Western Namibia into Angola. They can be hunted in the highlands of Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia. Although found in Mozambique, they are classified as protected game and may not be hunted in that country.

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Klipspringer may be hunted in South Africa and Namibia with trophy fees ranging from $650-$1,750. As you move north the daily rates increase from the $350-450 per day charged in Namibia and South Africa, to $600-$700 per day in Zambia and Zimbabwe where a minimum 5 day hunt may be booked. Trophy fees for Zambia and Zimbabwe are between $700-1500. In Tanzania you may only shoot a Klipspringer on a 10-21 day license. Daily rates for this country are $1,200 per day plus a bunch of extra costs and a trophy fee of $1,850-2,500. In Ethiopia the daily rates vary between $1,800 per day for a 15 day hunt to $1,800 for a 26 day hunt and the trophy fee remains the same at $1,400.

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When to hunt Klipspringer?

Klipspringer may be hunted all year round in Zimbabwe and South Africa. In Namibia the hunting season opens on 1 February and closes on 30 November. The Zambian hunting season runs from the beginning of May to the end of November. In Tanzania the season is from July to December. The best months for hunting Klipspringer are the cooler winter months of June to September when these animals are more prone to sunning themselves in the early morning sun often silhouetting themselves against the skyline. During the heat of the day they often hunker down in the shade amongst the rocks making themselves difficult to see.


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Being primarily a nocturnal animal, they tend to be more active in the early morning and late afternoon. They are very curious animals often just standing quietly on a rock, watching you from their perch high up on a rocky outcrop or the side of a hill locally known as a “koppie”. Normally relatively easy to approach on foot. In most cases you will find yourself shooting uphill. Due to the habitat they prefer they cannot easily escape. You will not be able to follow them with any great speed across and through the rocks, so if they start moving do not make the mistake to follow them in this rocky terrain as you will never keep up. Rather move back and away from the hill to see if you can get another glimpse of them. If you are a bowhunter, they enjoy a midday drink so either use or make a blind overlooking the water.

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Why hunt Klipspringer?

Africa’s goat like antelope is an elegant sought-after member of the “Tiny Ten”. They have a coarse coat, with hollow, brittle hairs like tiny quills so must be treated very carefully before being prepared for any taxidermy work and will always a conversation piece in any trophy room. They make the most awesome full mounts when placed on an artificial rock where for obvious reasons they look right at home. They also look impressive when mounted with some of the other small antelope species either as shoulder or in some cases just as skull mounts.

Game Hunt 1x1

Game Hunt 1x1

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Антилопа прыгун, Павиан, Гну белохвостый, Шакал чепрачный, Гну голубой...
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Plains Game 1x1

Plains Game 1x1

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Plains Game Hunt 1x1

Plains Game Hunt 1x1

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Season: 1 фев 2023 - 1 ноя 2023
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