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About hunting in Scotland

Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and occupies the north of the island of Great Britain, as well as a number of smaller islands. Mainland Scotland is divided into three major geographical regions: Southern Uplands, a hilly area along the border with England, the Lowlands, a rift valley where most of Scotland’s population live, and the Highlands, the northernmost and most mountainous area. And in all those areas there are hunting opportunities for both residents and visitors. In fact, Scotland is where hunting tourism originated. Hunting in Scotland benefits both rural communities and nature: studies repeatedly show, for instance, that moors managed for grouse have better biodiversity than moors managed for other commercial purposes and sometimes even natural preserves. It offers a unique experience among stunningly beautiful landscapes. Find your hunting adventure in Scotland on BookYourHunt.com Читать больше...

Hunting in Scotland has always been popular among all classes (although not every simple highlander has always done it in a fully legal manner). Then, in the XIX century the English discovered that some areas of Scotland were sparsely populated, stunningly beautiful, and full of wild grouse, deer, and other game that one could pursue without having first to buy an estate with over 100 pounds annual income. As means of transport progressed, more and more enthusiasts of “field sports” (the outdoors) would come in for a couple of weeks of hunting, and those who could afford it, including Queen Victoria and her husband Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, a passionate hunter, bought land and built summer residences. The industry that has grown around it exists and flourishes to the day. Скрыть детали

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There’s an aura of exclusivity around outdoor pursuits in Scotland, but in fact you don’t have to be fabulously rich to afford it. Even deer stalking in the Highlands is priced on par with or lower than deer hunting in Argentina or New Zealand.

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The two highlights of hunting in Scotland are red grouse and red deer. Driven grouse shooting is perhaps the most expensive form of bird hunting in the world, and one of the world’s biggest shooting challenges. The ultimate challenge - killing two birds in front of the shooting lane, taking a second gun from the assistant as the birds pass the no-shoot safety zone, and killing two more behind you - is a trick that even the best shots can’t pull off every time. Deer stalking in the Highlands isn’t exactly easy either. The red and sika stags inhabit open, heather-grown hills, where, to get in range, you should be an expert of predicting the motion of the animals, as well as reading the treacherous Scottish wind. Of course, there’s more to Scotland than that. Southern Uplands, that have an even lower population density than the Highlands, offer excellent hunting opportunities among their countless lakes, with roe, red, and fallow deer, as well as birds and small game. In the agricultural areas of Lowlands there are great pheasant and partridge preserves, and also splendid deer stalking. Enthusiast can pursue snipe and woodcock, as well as other game, with the famous British bird dog breeds, and waterfowling in Scotland can pleasantly surprise even the most spoilt lovers of duck and geese hunting.


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