Hunting in Santiago del Estero Province

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Santiago del Estero Province on map

Santiago del Estero is located in the north-central part of Argentina. It is bordered by the provinces of Salta and Chaco to the north, Santa Fe to the east, Córdoba to the south, and Catamarca and Tucumán to the west.

About hunting in Santiago del Estero Province

Santiago del Estero Province lies in the north of Argentina. In spite of the relatively hotter climate, it is a popular destination for hunters, particularly for those seeking abundant dove populations. Читать больше...

Santiago del Estero is part of the Gran Chaco region, known for its hot and semi-arid climate. The province's geography is predominantly flat, featuring the Chaco plains in the north and transitioning to more hilly terrain in the south. The landscape is characterized by forests, shrublands, and savannas, with several rivers, including the Salado and Dulce, traversing the region. The province's diverse ecosystems support a variety of plant life, including quebracho trees, algarrobo, and dense underbrush. In terms of huntable game, Santiago del Estero offers species like wild boar, capybara, and various species of deer. The region is also rich in birdlife, including doves and pigeons. The agriculture of the province is focused on tobacco and cotton, rather than grain. Nevertheless, several outfitters offer high-volume shooting opportunities that are on par with other Argentinean destinations. To reach Santiago del Estero, international travelers typically fly into Buenos Aires and then take a domestic flight to the provincial capital, the city of Santiago del Estero. The province can also be accessed by road, offering a journey through the diverse landscapes of northern Argentina. Скрыть детали

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High Volume Dove & Pigeon Hunt

High Volume Dove & Pigeon Hunt

Santiago del Estero Province, Аргентина
Длительность тура: 6 дней
Season: 1 мар. 2024 - 1 нояб. 2024
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High Volume Dove Hunt

High Volume Dove Hunt

Santiago del Estero Province, Аргентина
Длительность тура: 4 дня
Season: 1 мар. 2024 - 1 нояб. 2024
Цена пакетного тура
за 4 дня, 4 охотника
Santiago del Estero Province

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