Hunting in San Luis Province

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San Luis Province on map

San Luis Province is located in the central part of Argentina. It is bordered by Mendoza to the west, Córdoba to the east and north, La Pampa to the south, and San Juan to the northwest.

About hunting in San Luis Province

Located in the center of Argentina, the San Luis Province offers outstanding opportunities for both big-game hunting in the foothills of the Andes, and dove and pigeon shooting in the fields. Read more...

The San Luis Province is one of the relatively smaller provinces of Argentina, situated in the middle of the country. The eastern part of the province features the flat, open plains of the Pampas. The western part of the province lies in the foothills of the Andes; it is more mountainous and rugged, with numerous hills and valleys. San Luis also boasts several artificial lakes and reservoirs, which are significant for both recreation and agriculture. With intensive irrigation, local farmers can harvest grain all year round, which provides nutrition to countless pigeons and doves. In fact, some hunters report that pigeon and dove shooting in San Louis is even better than in the famous Córdoba province. Duck hunting opportunities abound, too. Big-game hunting in the San Louis province is also excellent. You can pursue the moody and dangerous water buffalo, the exotic Indian blackbuck antelope, mouflon, wild boar, and various feral sheep species. But of course, as well as elsewhere in Argentina, the king of the big game animals is the red stag, especially in the hilly and mountainous areas, offering both a challenge and scenic beauty. Travelers from the US or Europe usually fly into Buenos Aires and then take a domestic flight to the city of San Luis. The province is also accessible by road, offering a scenic drive through diverse Argentine landscapes. It's customary for outfitters to provide a "meet-and-greet" service, meeting the clients at the international airport and ushering them all the way to the lodge. Beyond hunting, San Luis offers a range of activities including hiking and trekking in the mountains, enjoying the natural beauty of its lakes and reservoirs, and exploring its cultural heritage. Hide details


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Free-range Red Stag Rut Hunt

Free-range Red Stag Rut Hunt

San Luis Province, Аргентина
Длительность тура: 7 дней
Season: 1 мар. 2024 - 31 июл. 2024
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Dove Shooting - March-April

Dove Shooting - March-April

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San Luis Province, Аргентина
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Season: 15 мар. 2025 - 30 апр. 2025
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Red Stag, Buffalo & Blackbuck

Red Stag, Buffalo & Blackbuck

San Luis Province, Аргентина
Гарна, Олень, Водяной буйвол
Длительность тура: 6 дней
Season: 1 мар. 2024 - 15 сент. 2024
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San Luis Province

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