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Finland lies in the North-West of Europe, and borders Russia in the east, Sweden in the west, and Norway in the north. It is cut from the Arctic Ocean by Norway, but has a long coastline on the Baltic Sea. The climate is rather cold, with long, snowy winters, and long summer days - around the summer solstice in many areas the daylight lasts 24 hours.

About hunting in Finland

Discover the serene beauty of Finland's vast forests and lakes. From the thrill of moose hunting with dogs to stalking capercaillie, the grey seal, or even the white-tailed deer, Finland offers sustainable and ethical hunting experiences amidst its breathtaking landscapes. Read more...

Finland is a developed country, member of the European Union, the Euro Zone, the Schengen border agreement, and since 2023 also of NATO. Most of its 5.5 mln. population is concentrated in the south of the country, on the Baltic Sea coast, leaving large tracts inland as wilderness barely touched by human hands. Finland is a country of countless lakes, and boreal forests around these lakes are teeming with European moose. Moose in Finland can’t boast of such impressive sizes and antlers as their cousins from the Pacific Ocean coasts, but are a staple food for local hunters. Other typical big-game animals include roe deer, the brown bear, and further on to the north, as boreal forests are replaced by tundra, one finds herds of wild reindeer. Another typically Finnish hunt is stalking seals on the ice in winter. As for small game, Finland’s lakes and Baltic Sea coast provide perfect habitat for waterfowl. Upland game hunting opportunities are no less exciting, with hazel grouse, black grouse, ptarmigan, and the world’s biggest grouse and Europe’s biggest game bird, the capercaillie. An animal that you wouldn’t expect to see in Europe, but is nevertheless common and can be hunted in Finland, is the white-tailed deer. This all-American game species was introduced by Finnish immigrants in the 1920s, originally to game parks, but escapees have grown into a steady, healthy, free-range population. Hunting has been historically vital for all local ethnic groups, who developed unique hunting methods and breeds of hunting dogs, such as the smaller Finnish Spitz for small-game hunting, and Finnish Bear Hound for big-game. The hunting tradition is alive in modern Finland, and you can get a taste of it by booking a hunt with one of the outfitters on our online marketplace. And if you like fishing, too, be sure to check out fishing in fishing in Finland with our sister website, BaitYourHook.com! Hide details

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Big-game hunts in Finland are typically priced between 1,000 and 1,500 Euro a hunter a day, with a representative trophy included (exceptionally large trophies may call for a bit of an extra payment). Small game hunts, including seals, are somewhat cheaper, at 800 - 1,000 Euro a day. This usually includes accommodation in a wilderness lodge, transfer, guiding, and the use of dogs (if the hunt calls for it).

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The most common methods of big-game hunting in Finland are driven hunts and hunting from high seats. However, there are exciting and unique local practices, such as hunting with local spitz-type dogs. They will find a moose or bear and distract their attention for a while, giving the hunter a chance to approach within shooting range. Small game, such as black grouse and capercaillie, can also be hunted this way. In the fall season, you can also stalk capercaillie and black grouse as they rest on top of trees and shoot them with a small-caliber rifle from long distance.


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