Hunting in Chubut Province

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Chubut Province on map

Chubut is located in the southern part of Argentina, forming a part of the Patagonia region. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Río Negro Province to the north, Santa Cruz Province to the south, and Chile to the west.

About hunting in Chubut Province

Chubut is one of the go-to destinations in Argentina for hunters interested in free-range hunts after red deer and other big game, with stunning natural beauty of the Andes as a bonus. Читать больше...

With its diverse ecosystems and a range of outdoor activities, Chubut stands out as a remarkable destination in the Argentinian Patagonia for hunters and nature enthusiasts alike. Chubut’s geography is diverse, ranging from the Andean mountains in the west to the central plateaus and the coastal plains in the east. The western part features rugged, mountainous terrain with forests, lakes, and rivers, part of the Andes mountain range. Moving eastward, the terrain becomes flatter and drier, transitioning into the Patagonian steppe, which is characterized by vast open spaces and sparse vegetation. The coastal area includes beautiful beaches, cliffs, and the Valdes Peninsula, known for its marine wildlife. The Andean region has dense forests of conifers and southern beech. Wildlife includes native species like guanacos, rheas, and foxes. Chubut is regarded as an excellent destination for big game hunting, particularly for red deer, as well as axis deer and wild boar. It also offers good waterfowl hunting along its river valleys and in coastal areas. The hunting experience in Chubut is often characterized by its rugged and scenic terrain, providing a unique and challenging environment. International travelers typically fly into Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital. From there, connecting flights to cities like Trelew or Comodoro Rivadavia in Chubut are available. Alternatively, travelers can also fly to San Carlos de Bariloche in neighboring Río Negro and travel overland to Chubut. Chubut offers numerous outdoor activities beyond hunting. This includes whale watching on the Valdes Peninsula, visiting penguin colonies, exploring the Andes, and enjoying the beautiful beaches along the coast. The region is also known for its Welsh heritage, particularly in the towns of Trelew and Gaiman, offering unique cultural experiences. Скрыть детали


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Chubut Province, Аргентина
Длительность тура: 6 дней
Season: 1 мар. 2024 - 30 апр. 2024
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Chubut Province, Аргентина
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Chubut Province, Аргентина
Водяной буйвол
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Chubut Province

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