East African Defassa Waterbuck hunting

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Where to hunt East African Defassa Waterbuck

A water dependent species never found far from permanent water. This large antelope is widely distributed throughout sub-Saharan Africa. All thirteen subspecies are primarily grouped into two species, the Common Waterbuck found in Southern and East Africa and the Defassa Waterbuck found in Western and Central Africa. The Defassa Waterbuck is available for hunting in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and northern Zambia.

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East African Defassa Waterbuck hunts start at $31,500 for a 10 day hunt in Tanzania which includes the trophy fees for a Buffalo. In Tanzania the daily rates range from $ 2,500 - 3,800 depending on the length of the hunt, with a trophy fee of $ 2,000. A 21-26 day safari in Ethiopia will cost $1,840-1,995 per day with a trophy fee of $1,000. These longer hunts are more costly as they are often designed to include some of the iconic species, like Lion and Leopard.

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When to hunt East African Defassa Waterbuck?

East African Defassa Waterbuck may only be hunted during the respective countries hunting seasons. They are mostly hunted in the swampy regions of Western Tanzania . The Tanzanian hunting season is from July 1 until December 31. The best months for hunting Defassa Waterbuck are the dry months, especially when water availability is limited.


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Due to the water dependency, Defassa Waterbuck are generally hunted along river banks, floodplains, around water points and they also favour the adjoining dry hilly country. Typically, the spot and stalk method of hunting is used to approach these animals. They may also give themselves away when walking in rocky country as they are very heavy on their hooves, often kicking stones as they move. When caught out along a riverbed they will flee for the nearest treeline for cover. They are not affected by the heat of the day like most animals that need shade from the midday sun and can therefore be found at any time of the day. Trophy males may be found sunning themselves on a cold winter’s morning and in summer can spend the whole day hidden in a shady spot. In some instances the bulls may be very aggressive towards each other so only one bull is likely to be found in a herd, so keep moving and keep looking once the animals have been disturbed. We recommend the use of a heavy grain bullet and beware, these animals may even charge when wounded.

Why hunt East African Defassa Waterbuck?

Defassa Waterbuck are hairy thick set animals, pretty much resembling a large bulked-up mule deer, making them look like they belong in a colder climate. Their hollow hair on their necks give them a shaggy look. This hair is covered with a foul smelling oil which makes them both waterproof and gives them extra buoyancy when swimming. For this very reason, always ensure that the fur does not touch the flesh when skinning. The oily hide will taint the meat which contrary to popular belief is good to eat. This stately beast with huge half-moon shaped curved horns make for an impressive shoulder mount in any trophy room.

2:2 Nile Buffalo, Kob & Bushbuck Safari

2:2 Nile Buffalo, Kob & Bushbuck Safari Уганда

2 HUNTERS x 2 PROFESSIONAL HUNTERS HUNTING AREAS: 12 days – 10 days hunting BUFFALO: Maximum 2 per hunter 1. KAFU RIVER BASIN: This stretches along Lake Kyoga, Kafu & Mayanja Rivers and covers the six districts of Nakaseke, Nakasongola, Kiboga, Kyankwanzi, Kiryandongo and Masindi covering about 1,800,000 hectares. The landscape in Kafu consists mainly of Papyrus swamps and dense bush thickets making it a prime hunting ground for the East African Sitatunga, East African Bush Duiker, Eastern Bohor Reedbuck, Nile Bushbuck East African, Uganda Defassa Waterbuck, Leopard, Common Oribi and Bush Pig. We hunt in Kafu from January to December. 2. ASWA LOLIM RANCHES: The former Aswa Lolim Wildlife Reserve was degazetted under Idi Amin in the 70s. It covers the sub-counties of Purongo, Alero, Anaka and Koch-Goma. Although many commercial farmers have settled in this prime hunting ground, it is still realistic to get Nile Buffalo, Uganda Kob, Hartebeest, Waterbuck, Oribi and warthog. Aswa Lolim lies on the eastern side of the Nile. It covers 125,000 hectares and share a 110 km direct border with Murchison Falls National Park in the South and about 78 km with the Nile in the West. The landscape is dominated by light rolling grass hills with palm trees, small valleys with creeks and light forest. Near the river you find dense forests and large stretches of papyrus swamps. We hunt in Aswa-Lolim from January to end of April/May. 3. KARAMOJA: Stretching over 1.2 million hectares from Kidepo National Park all the way to Central Karamoja. They include 5 Districts (Kitgum, Agago, Kaabong, Kotido and Abim) and are rich in Buffalo, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Oribi, Eastern Bohor Reedbuck, Chandler’s Mountain Reedbuck, Gunther’s Dik Dik, East African Defassa Waterbuck and Warthog. Due to increased anti-poaching, lesser and greater Kudu are as well spotted more frequently.

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Сезон охоты: 1 дек 2020 31 дек 2022

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28 Day 2:1 Classic Safari - Two areas

28 Day 2:1 Classic Safari - Two areas Танзания

28 DAY CLASSIC SAFARI - PREMIUM LICENSE CHOOSE ANY TWO HUNTING AREAS FROM: MASAILAND, SELOUS & WESTERN TANZANIA HUNTER(S): 2 Hunters x 1 PH. Quoted price is per hunter. SPECIES: All species can be hunted on this license. Species selection will depend on the areas to be hunted. MORE HUNTS FROM THIS OUTFITTER: Area and species list descriptions are available in this outfitters other advertised hunts below. MASAILAND (Season: 1 May - 31 December) This area starts south of Tarangire National park, stretching north of Lake Manyara and s northeast to the Serengeti. It is mainly Acacia bush country with great open plains, rocky outcrops and patches of thick Acacia thorn bush. This area boasts many specials. SELOUS (Season: 1 June - 31 December) The Game Reserve is one of the largest faunal reserves of the world, located in southern of Tanzania. The reserve covers a total area of 34,600 km2 (21,100 sqm). M2 on the Kilombero River, of which we enjoy almost 20 miles of river frontage) hosts an abundant number of wildlife, including Hippo and Crocodile and the elusive Puku. WESTERN TANZANIA (Season: 1 July - 31 December) Bordering the Moyowosi River to the east. We’ve been hunting this area since 2004, having gained knowledge of the area like no one else. Western Tanzania is known to be prime lion area, the best in all of Africa.

Длительность тура: 28 дней

Сезон охоты: 1 июл 2021 31 дек 2021

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21 Day Premium Rungwa Safari

21 Day Premium Rungwa Safari Танзания

21 DAY RUNGWA: FOUR BUFFALO, LION, LEOPARD, ELEPHANT & PLAINSGAME OPTION Tanzania hunting is all free range, wilderness areas owned by the government and leased by hunting companies on a 5 year term. We have leased two concession areas that are prime territories offering full bag safaris (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Plain game) The area and ecosystem is known for producing quality big manned Lion. The animals that we hunt here with high rate of success are Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Large Leopard, Sable, Roan, Greater Kudu, Burchell’s Zebra, Impala, Baboon, Warthog, Dik Dik, Common Duiker and Bushbuck. We are very successful on the cats in this area over 21 day hunt and the quality is great. To get to our area you will arrival in Arusha and spend one night to 5 star hotel and travel next morning via private charter. Four Buffalo, Leopard, Lion, Elephant & Plain Game Species available on premium safari package (21 day permit)

Длительность тура: 21 день

Сезон охоты: 1 июл 2021 31 дек 2021

Цена от $45,050 за 21 день, 1 охотник
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