SA Hunters & Game Conservation Assoc.

Why was this association established?

Formerly known as Transvaal Hunters Association, the association was established in 1949 and later changed its name in 1957 to South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association as we know it today. At the time, game was shot on an unbridled basis, thus a hunters’ association, fully supported by authorities, was seen to be in a position to change the situation around. Over time the association obtained hunting opportunities in numerous neighboring countries for its members.

Aims and Objectives

The main objective of the Association is to serve the interests of hunters, sportshooters and game farmers in South Africa through service excellence by: Читать больше...
  • Promoting and expanding responsible hunting as an important part of sustainable use and nature conservation in South Africa
  • Promoting responsible firearm ownership in terms of appropriate legislation
  • Establishing a positive public image of hunting and hunters
  • Promoting knowledge about and respect for nature, supporting nature conservation, and developing a conservation ethos among its members and the public in general
  • Providing education in all aspects of the culture and ethics of hunting, hunting skills and the use of legal hunting equipment
  • Encouraging and/or conducting research in the hunting and conservation industry
  • Establishing sustainable and affordable shooting, hunting and conservation activities for its members
  • Establishing sustainable game farming for its members according to sound conservation principles
  • Co-operating with and maintaining relationships with other associations and organisations (in and outside of South Africa) with common objectives towards establishing one voice for the hunting and conservation sector
  • Liaising constructively with authorities and other interested parties and participating in consulting and decision-making processes
  • Supporting and undertaking community and development projects that complement the objectives of the Association
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South Africa’s largest
SAHGCA has over 38,500 paid up members and 74 branches nationwide.
Dedicated statuses
SAHGCA promotes and assists members in obtaining dedicated hunter and dedicated shooter status.
Shooting activities
SAHGCA promote and offer shooting competitions and formulate shooting regulations and exercises.

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