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Where to hunt Wild Turkey

Wild turkey is one of the great successes of hunting-funded conservation. A hundred years ago many conservationists believed the species can’t survive in the modern agricultural environment and is doomed for extinction. Now, with the eastern turkey range covers half of the country, and together with Osceola turkey in Florida, Rio Grande turkey on the Great Plains, Merriam’s turkey in the Rockies, and transplanted and hybrid populations in many other localities, there’s is some turkey hunting in just about every US state. In addition, you can hunt Gould’s and ocellated turkey in Mexico.

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Price distribution

You can find a wild turkey hunt for as low as $250-$300, but that would most likely be a fall hunt, often a semi-guided one. Spring season hunts in the USA are typically within $700-$1,000 range. Expect to pay $2,000-$3,000 for a more exotic species like Gould’s or ocellated turkey.

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Tags, Licenses and Rules

Most wild turkey populations are numerous enough to allow over-the-counter tags, but occasionally a hunter might have to enter a draw. For some species and locations (most notably Gould’s turkey in Arizona) success is far from guaranteed. Rules and regulations vary, but the default sets: no rifles (shotguns and/or archery only), no dogs, no electronic calls, and no hunting over bait. Typically, only bearded birds (males and an occasional transgender female that wears a beard and may be easily confused) are legal in spring, and either-sex birds are legal in the fall.

February 1, 2018 One Shot, One Memorable Experience in Kansas Turkey Hunting with a Vintage Shotgun

When to hunt Wild Turkey?

There are two main seasons for turkey hunting. The spring season is the most attractive one for most hunters. It takes place during the mating season, and the hunter who is set on nothing but a big, old gobbler in full glory, and experience the ultimate turkey hunt, should schedule the hunt for spring. The spring season may start as early as first weeks of March and end as late as end of May, depending on the state, but most hunting opportunities take place in April and early May. The fall season may be longer, but it more about taking “any turkey” to fill the freezer than a big male tom for trophy.


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Calling is the key method of hunting in the spring. Hunters use a variety of sounds to convince a dominant gobbler that there’s a competing tom in the neighborhood, or a loose hen that needs to be added to the harem. Turkeys are very wary, and have an extraordinary keen eyesight and hearing, so advanced calling and camouflage skills are required to bring the bird within shotgun or bow range. Sometimes hunters do their calling from blinds erected in likely spots, or use “run and gun” technique to actively seek, locate and approach the bird. The fall season offers less variety. Hunters may ambush the turkeys at feeding areas or routes, stalk them, or scatter the flock and then call a bird in when they try to get back together again.

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The “beard” - a special batch of feathers that gobblers grow across their lifespan, the spurs, and the “fan” - a turkey’s tail in spread position - are the material mementos of the turkey hunt, a.k.a. the trophy. Real turkey hunting affectionados cherish the “Grand Slam” - each of the four subspecies found in the USA - and those for whom there’s no hope go after the “Big Six”, a great challenge to collect all six subspecies found in North America. But every hunter knows that the real lure of the turkey is the rush of emotions when a big, old, experienced and wary tom bird, gobbling and strutting and fanning its tail, tall on his strong legs and with the big breast bubbled, is almost, but not quite in range.

Special 3 Day Turkey Hunt '19

Special 3 Day Turkey Hunt '19 United States

Arrive the evening before you hunt. 3 full days of hunting Eastern Turkeys in Western Kentucky. Leave the morning after your last hunt. This hunt is semi guided additional $200 for fully guided which includes a guide calling and decoys.

Trip duration: 3 days

Trip available on: 14 April 2019 6 May 2019

$1,080 for 1 hunter
Guided Turkey Hunt in Missouri

Guided Turkey Hunt in Missouri United States

We offer 3 day bow and gun hunts in the spring for Turkey. Guided offer: 3 day turkey hunts for $1150 for 2 birds. We have a few pop up blinds you are welcome to use. Our turkey hunts include meals and lodging. When you arrive in hunting camp, we will help you get settled in, have a meeting to discuss any questions, and let you know how things will work. We will feed you dinner, and take you and show you the property. You will receive two turkey tags with a bow and rifle license, and the cost of tags is $225. Handicapped hunters are welcome! Up to 8 hunters can be in the territory at the same time. The package price is for one hunter. Please inquire for available dates.

Trip duration: 3 days

Trip available on: 1 April 2019 15 May 2019

$1,150 for 1 hunter
New York Eastern Wild Turkey Hunts 1x1

New York Eastern Wild Turkey Hunts 1x1 United States

We have held to high standards on managing our properties for trophy birds for almost 10 years and it shows! We only offer a limited number of hunts each season on thousands of acres of private leases which allows us to maintain a 100% opportunity rate and very high success rates on mature birds. This 1x1 package includes guided hunt on private land, game removal/bird cleaning, taxidermy preparation, transportation to and from our lodging, Tips and techniques from our Guides. The package on 2x1 basis will cost you $1600.

Trip duration: 3 days

Trip available on: 1 May 2019 31 May 2019

$1,000 for 1 hunter
Wild Turkey

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