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South America is the world’s most popular hunting destination for foreign sportsmen and women, with more than 20,000 hunters visiting annually. The majority of them come to experience South America’s legendary bird shooting. But South America is the best of both worlds for a hunter, offering outstanding big-game hunting as well as world-class bird shooting. Ducks, geese, pigeons, and perdiz (partridge) draw hunters to bird-hunting meccas like Argentina and Uruguay, but it’s the doves, estimated in the hundreds of millions, that have made this region famous. Doves and pigeons are considered agricultural pests in some countries and can be shot year-round. A South American dove hunt is an unforgettable experience and one that should be on every serious hunter’s wish list. South America is also known for its red stag hunting. Red stags were released into the Patagonia region of Argentina about 100 years ago, and they have thrived. There are many other free-range introduced species to hunt, including wild boar, water buffalo, blackbuck antelope, and fallow deer. In addition, in some countries you can hunt some of South America’s native species, such as capybara, collared peccary, brocket deer, and puma.

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Non Hunter for Free Red stag Package

Non Hunter for Free Red stag Package Argentina

7 days all inclusive Red stag Hunt for one hunter and one guide on 1x1, with English speaking guide. The price includes: 1x Red stag up to 339 7/8 SCI

Trip duration: 7 days

Trip available on: 1 March 2018 31 August 2018

$9,034 for 1 hunter and 1 guest
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Las Palomas Lodge 4 Day Shoot '18

Las Palomas Lodge 4 Day Shoot '18 Bolivia

Bolivian Adventures is the #1 dove hunting lodge in Bolivia. The resort boasts five star amenities including king suites, daily maid service, swimming pools, jacuzzi, spa, outdoor barbecue and fire pit area with hammocks for a luxurious yet secluded experience in the Bolivian plains. Our two lodges are located 500 yards apart and approximately 60 miles outside of the city of Santa Cruz. Bolivian Adventures offers 3-day or 4-day all-inclusive hunting packages of high-volume dove hunting and half day (minimum) of Picazuro pigeon hunting. The country of Bolivia does not place a numerical limit on the number of doves that can be hunted, and it is estimated that fifty to sixty million doves arrive yearly. We gladly offer the rental of Benellis and Berettas; 12, 20, and 28 gauge. If you prefer to travel with a personal shotgun, Bolivian Adventures is happy to assist in the process of obtaining a hunting license.

Trip duration: 4 days

Trip available on: 1 April 2018 31 October 2018

$2,799 for 1 hunter
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FlyWays Graduation Present 2017

FlyWays Graduation Present 2017 Argentina

During our Summer Escape Season (June-September), fathers will pay the regular daily price and all sons or daughters will pay only $325 per day (son & daughters must be 24 years or less). This is your best option to invite your son or daughter to an unforgettable trip after their high school or college graduation. Prices for fathers: Los Chanares - $690/day, Posta del Norte - $540/day. Number of birds is unlimited!

Trip duration: 1 - 14 days

Trip available on: 1 June 2017 30 June 2018

$325 for 1 hunter
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South America

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