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South America is the world’s most popular hunting destination for foreign sportsmen and women, with more than 20,000 hunters visiting annually. The majority of them come to experience South America’s legendary bird shooting. But South America is the best of both worlds for a hunter, offering outstanding big-game hunting as well as world-class bird shooting. Ducks, geese, pigeons, and perdiz (partridge) draw hunters to bird-hunting meccas like Argentina and Uruguay, but it’s the doves, estimated in the hundreds of millions, that have made this region famous. Doves and pigeons are considered agricultural pests in some countries and can be shot year-round. A South American dove hunt is an unforgettable experience and one that should be on every serious hunter’s wish list. South America is also known for its red stag hunting. Red stags were released into the Patagonia region of Argentina about 100 years ago, and they have thrived. There are many other free-range introduced species to hunt, including wild boar, water buffalo, blackbuck antelope, and fallow deer. In addition, in some countries you can hunt some of South America’s native species, such as capybara, collared peccary, brocket deer, and puma.

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Special! Dove Hunting in Cordoba 2019

Special! Dove Hunting in Cordoba 2019 Argentina

If you are an experienced wingshooter, you should not miss Doves in Cordoba, Argentina. An exciting destination in Argentina. The region has a delightful climate, which allows enormous grain crops, a reliable forage base for a population of million of doves. On a typical day, hunters will fire from one thousand to two thousand shots. In the area we hunt there are millions of doves. All these advantages make Cordoba the best Dove Shooting destination in the world! The Lodge offers 15/20 minutes hunting fields that allow coming back for lunch + siesta every noon. Minimum 3 hunting days required. This package is valid for bookings received in 2018!!

Trip duration: 3 days

Trip available on: 1 January 2019 31 December 2019

$2,640 for 4 hunters
Unbeatable Red Stag full week program

Unbeatable Red Stag full week program Argentina

We are one of the top ranches in Argentina offering +85,000 acres of endless free range woods with plenty of Stags, wild boar, rams and additional species like the massive water buffalo and the elusive blackbucks plus other 10 additional species... challenge for all skill levels. Woody areas assure close encounters with shots in between 50-100 meters... plains areas will require longer shots up to 300 mts. Tons of fun for rifle hunters and for bowhunters. Flat terrain with no special requirentes nor any special physical condition. Everybody will enjoy the trip from the first minute to the last. On top of this, we offer excellent year round wingshooting on doves & pigeons so we can add wings to the hunt all at same location. We can offer you a Red Stag program during March/April (Stag high season). Such program will give you the chance to feel the adrenaline of the spotting and stalking challenging stags by foot and hunt additional game as per your wish list. You will be able to pick additional game in between 14 species. All of this at the same location ! Recommended time window for free range stag hunt and other game is a 6 days / 7 nights program. Full week Big Game and wings program Dates: March/April (excellent weeks for stags) 7 nights - 6 hunting days. All lodging and hunting services. 1 Free range Red Stag - up to 210 SCI score. Option to add other species. 1 x 1 Hunting Guide. Reg price per hunter: $4,800 Total Price per non Hunter: extra USD 1,750 If the non hunter opts to hunt along a hunter sharing the guide, we will only charge the licences and game fees. If the non hunter opts to join the wingshooting we will only charge shells and wingshooting licence.

Trip duration: 7 days

Trip available on: 19 April 2019 31 May 2019

$4,800 for 1 hunter
Big Game + Wingshooting

Big Game + Wingshooting Argentina

This is the first time that we will combine Dove shooting, Dorado Fishing, as well as Big Game Hunting (Wild Boar, Axis Deer, Water Buffalo and BlackBuck Antelope). According to the frame time that you are visiting us, the flexibility on your number of available days, we can offer you this 6 days program, with a combination of unlimited amount of Doves shooting and fishing Dorados in the Parana River, as well as big game with Water Buffalo, Axis Deer, Wild Boar, and Blackbuck Antelope, staying at the great lodges, where you can have exclusivity with just 10 hunters! Typical Program: Day 1: AM - arrive at Cortaderas PM - Dove Shooting Day 2: AM - Dove Hunting PM - Dorado Fishing Day 3: AM - Dove Hunting PM - Dorado Fishing Day 4: AM - Dove Hunting PM - Dorado Fishing - depart to to the lodge Day 5: AM - Wild Boar Hunting PM - Black Buck Hunting Day 6: AM - Buffalo Hunting PM - Axis Deer Day 7: AM - Wild Boar Hunting PM: depart from Lodge

Trip duration: 6 days

Trip available on: 1 September 2018 30 April 2019

$4,260 for 1 hunter
South America

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