Coues Deer hunting

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Where to hunt Coues Deer

Coues Deer is a variety of a white-tailed deer that is especially coveted by hunters. They are smaller than most varieties of whitetail, and well adapted to the shrub, juniper pine and desert of the American Southwest. Many outfitters offer Coues deer hunts in New Mexico, Arizona, and the Sonora province of Mexico.


The price for guided Coues deer hunts starts from about $2,500. This will typically buy about five days of hunting in the archery season, with basic accommodation and catering. Add a few thousand more for a hunt in Mexico, where you can be sure of getting a tag for a rifle hunt. The most expensive Coues deer hunts are priced at about $5,000.

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When to hunt Coues Deer?

Deer hunting seasons in Arizona and New Mexico, where most Coues deer hunts take place, are hard to generalize (read more) but in most areas it opens in late August or early September and lasts until December and January. Most of the seasons are archery only; the rifle season may open for only a few dates in October or November depending on the area. In Mexico Coues Deer season runs from Dec. 1 to mid-Feb, and the rut generally takes place during the month of January.


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Look for Coues deer on higher altitudes (4,000-6,000 feet), near permanent water sources, in areas with a combination of open areas and cover (preferably juniper oak). Whitetails are hunted with a variety of methods depending on terrain, habits, and local laws and traditions. Both hunting from a stand, where a hunter watches from a likely area, either from a treestand or ground blind, and still-hunting and spot-and-stalk are possible for Coues deer hunting, and the guides will select the method that best suits the environment, the hunter, and the circumstances.

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White-tailed deer are perhaps the most popular game animal in the world, and deer hunting is the “default” hunting in the US and Canada. Coues deer inhabit areas that are usually the domain of mule deer - patches of cover in dry semi-desert - and the adaptation to unusual habitat brought about different body and antler shape and behavior. For the majority of American hunters it’s not the familiar “deer” found near home, but an exotic animal requiring long travel to hunt. A Coues deer hunt will probably take you to strange, unfamiliar territory, giving deer hunting a whole new edge. But in any case it is a continuation of the tradition that is as old as America itself.

Archery Coues or Mule Deer Hunt Jan

Archery Coues or Mule Deer Hunt Jan USA

Coues deer Hunts are archery August-Sept (velvet) Rifle hunts start in October-December Late season archery begins mid-December until December 31 Archery rut hunts January 1-31 For folks wanting a challenge the grey ghost is something special, many folks come to us to complete their slam, whether it be deer slam, or grand slam we are here to help. We offer a 100% opportunity at this pint size whitetail with many meeting P&Y minimum. Our rifle hunts are the same 100% opportunity at 95” or better. When spotting and stalking expect to see 10-20 bucks a day. If Mexico is something that doesn’t interest you or the cost of those hunts you must give us a call. We offer a quality experience without the hassles of heading south of the border at almost half the cost.

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$4,500 für 1 Jäger
Coues Deer Hunt

Coues Deer Hunt Mexiko

All hunts are 6 days (travel excluded), fair chase and conducted with a 1x1 guide to hunter ratio. We use 4x4 vehicles (2 hunters per vehicle) or horses to access the hunt areas, then we hunt the mountains and canyons on foot. Our success rate is 98%, with most trophies scoring 90 or better B&C. Every year our hunters take several deer that meet or exceed the Boone and Crockett minimums. Coues Deer season runs from Dec. 1 to mid-Feb. The coues deer rut generally takes place during the month of January. Temperatures during the fall and winter months range from 70 to 20 degrees, with a slight chance of snow. The elevation of the camp northwest of Casas Grandes is 6000 feet above sea level and Ranch headquarters sits at 4500 feet above sea level.

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$4,000 für 1 Jäger
DIY Coues Deer Hunt (unguided)

DIY Coues Deer Hunt (unguided) Mexiko

We provide fully guided or semi-guided whitetail hunts in Sonora, Mexico both in December and January during the rut. The ranches that we manage are located near Banamichi, Sonora, an easy 4.5 hour drive from the border. The ranches are between 30 and 50 square miles in area. We limit the number of deer hunters on each ranch to no more than 12 each year and we never hunt more than 6 hunters at one time. Whitetail hunts are 5 days and 6 nights in duration. In addition to rifle hunts we routinely accommodate archery hunters utilizing ground blinds that we stage prior to your arrival. Horses are also available for those wishing to hunt by horseback. Unlimited varmint hunting for coyote, grey fox, and bobcat is also available at no additional cost. This is an unguided (do-it-yourself) whitetail hunt for the more experienced hunter. A ranch representative will meet you at the Nogales border with your hunting license, tag and gun permit. Most of our ranches will include a host for the week. You will be provided access to the ranch house but the hunter will be responsible for their own meals and transportation on the ranch. This arrangement provides nearly unlimited ranch access during the entire hunting season. Rustic ranch house accommodations are provided with beds, bathroom, and a hot shower. We also have fully guided and semi guided hunts.

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$2,900 für 1 Jäger
Coues Hirsch

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