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Eastern Cape Trophy Hunt 1x1

Eastern Cape Trophy Hunt 1x1 Южно-Африканская Республика

South Africa is a hunter’s paradise, for the seasoned safari hunter, who is looking for specific species, or the first time African hunter you who want that first African experience. It is the one country that can offer all of the big five as well as an impressive list of plains game animals. Any tour or hunt/tour combination can be made up to meet the clients needs. (for example: 6 days of hunting and 6 days touring).

Длительность тура: 5 - 21 дней

Сезон охоты: 1 апр 2020 30 ноя 2020

$2,940 за 1 охотника
Rabbit & Foxes Lamping Hunt

Rabbit & Foxes Lamping Hunt Великобритания

This rabbit and fox hunt is done at night on foot or by vehicle using a lamp. The term for this hunt, in the UK, is called ’LAMPING’. All clients are required to ‘zero’ the rifle before the hunt.

Длительность тура: 1 - 5 дней

Сезон охоты: 10 фев 2020 28 фев 2020

$326 за 1 охотника
Limpopo Bow Hunt

Limpopo Bow Hunt Южно-Африканская Республика

Being a semi-arid area we have some great bow hunting conditions. Blinds and high seats have been set up overlooking waterholes to ensure your success.

Длительность тура: 3 - 21 дней

Сезон охоты: 1 янв 2020 31 дек 2020

$1,000 за 1 охотника
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