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Spring Migrator Snow Goose Hunt

Spring Migrator Snow Goose Hunt Kanada

The first part of the spring migration is all the older birds that are pushing hard to get to the breeding grounds. They are notorious for only staying in an area for a few hours to drink, eat and rest before moving again. For this reason, the first 2.5 weeks of April are spent in our 2 stationary spreads of 1800+ decoys each. These spreads are in traditional high traffic areas and a sort of "gentleman's" hunts, as the . Hunts begin a half hour before sunrise and go until 10:30am or so. We typically take a break until later afternoon and then hunt until a half hour after sunset. Of course, if the geese are moving all day then we hunt all day. We typically are averaging 25-27 birds per day with 100+ bird hunts happening throughout the season. We take 6 hunters per field but can accommodate more if requested. There is a 20 bird daily limit and no possession limit.

Reisedauer: 2 - 5 Tage

Jagdsaison: 1 Apr 2020 22 Apr 2020

$330 für 1 Jäger
Classic Plains Game Safari 1x1

Classic Plains Game Safari 1x1 Namibia

This is a classic plains game safaris on 1x1 basis. Please choose your hunt length and trophies desired. A four-wheel drive vehicle, fitted with two-way radios, will be driven by your professional hunter during your safari. The scenery blends from hilltops to flat savannas where Springbuck and other game are numerous. Once game is spotted, you and your professional hunter will leave the vehicle to stalk on foot. He will then assist you in selecting the trophy that you will take.

Reisedauer: 5 - 12 Tage

Jagdsaison: 1 Feb 2019 30 Nov 2019

$2,800 für 1 Jäger
Prairie Dog/Varmint Hunt '20

Prairie Dog/Varmint Hunt '20 USA

This is a fun hunt to do either on your own or with a couple buddies or family members. It makes for a great day and is very kid friendly! We have several prairie dog towns on our private ranch providing for hours of shooting. Your trigger finger will get tired! We generally suggest bringing at least 300-400 rounds of ammunition per day per person. There are several stores in the town of Sheridan to purchase more if you need.

Reisedauer: 1 - 10 Tage

Jagdsaison: 1 Apr 2020 15 Aug 2020

$200 für 1 Jäger

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