Rio Grande Turkey hunting

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Where to hunt Rio Grande Turkey

The range of the Rio Grande turkey mostly covers the the dry and semi-dry scrub areas in the southern parts of Great Plains, the west of Texas and the north-east of Mexico. This subspecies has also been introduced into Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, and California. Most hunting opportunities are in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.


The price of Rio Grande turkey hunt starts at $600-$700 for a two or three days, one or two turkey limit hunts, and may go up to $1,500-$1750 range with more days of hunting and better trophy opportunities.

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Is a turkey hunter required to possess only the latest of the guns, ammo, etc., or does the traditional gear and attire work? Our guest blog post takes you turkey hunting with a 100-year-old shotgun, and with its “feel like I’ve been there” quality, it gives an accurate description of what turkey hunting is for those who’ve never been there, and entertain those who have.

February 1, 2018 One Shot, One Memorable Experience in Kansas Turkey Hunting with a Vintage Shotgun

When to hunt Rio Grande Turkey?

The spring season for Rio Grande turkey may start as early as late March and end in mid-May, but mostly falls on April. The fall season typically covers a few months from September to December depending on the state.


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Hunting Rio Grande turkey is not too different from hunting other turkey populations. The main method is calling. Today turkeys are so abundant that hunters don’t always have to scout for a gobbler before trying to attract the bird in range, but may even call from ground blinds built in areas where birds are known to frequent. Decoys are often used to distract the attention of the birds away from the hunters. Rio Grande turkeys can often be seen in the open, so a hunter can spot the tom from the distance and stalk them.

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Rio Grande turkey is lighter in color than the eastern subspecies, but darker than the western populations. It’s not the biggest subspecies of wild turkey, with males seldom growing bigger than 20 pounds, but has long legs and sharp spurs. With its open and wide-spaced habitat, a hunter must be more active and focus on the “run and gun” tactics, which attracts those who are somewhat bored with sitting in a bling. Rio Grande turkey is not only an essential part of any turkey slam, but an exciting hunting quarry in its own right.

3 Day Rio Turkey Hunt Fully Guided

3 Day Rio Turkey Hunt Fully Guided United States

We provide some of the best turkey hunting in the nation with an excellent mix of Rio Grande, Merriam’s, Eastern, and Hybrid turkeys. We have 3 of the 4 species to complete your Grand Slam! Our river bottoms, agricultural land, and cedar bluffs provide a wide variety of hunting opportunities. Bows, crossbows, and shotguns are all legal to use to harvest these birds. Our season starts March 25th and runs to the end of May. Shotgun hunts start April 13th. We hunt from ground blinds as well as running and gunning with the use of decoys and calls. Our guides have extensive knowledge of the turkey flocks and their patters for our area. With the hunters abilities in mind, we work with each individual to maximize their experience. Our shot opportunities are currently at 100% for the past 3 years. No detail is overlooked here to ensure the best possible experience for each and every guest. We look forward to seeing you this spring!

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 25 March 2020 1 May 2020

$1,850 for 1 hunter
Turkey & Hog Day Combination Hunt

Turkey & Hog Day Combination Hunt United States

We hunt free ranging wild hogs on two miles of pristine bottomland along the Savannah River. Day hunters may harvest 2 hogs per day. Our day hunters average 1 shot per 3 days hunted. Hunters may harvest 1 turkey per day, and a maximum of 3 turkeys per season. Hunters can use an expert guide or they can try to outwit a turkey on their own at $550 per day.

Trip duration: 1 - 5 days

Hunting season: 20 March 2020 5 May 2020

$650 for 1 hunter
Spring Turkey

Spring Turkey United States

Our preserve is a managed herd sitting on 1,000 acres in northwest Missouri. We encourage hunts on the land to not only reduce the growing population of the preserve, but to help introduce new genetics from our breeding program to increase the overall size of the trophies in the preserve. Primarily we hunt out of enclosed and elevated blinds over food sources. All Preserve hunts are fully guided

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 17 April 2020 7 May 2020

$1,500 for 1 hunter
Rio Grande Turkey

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