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Jon United States 9.7 of 10
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An Amazing Hunt Above the Arctic Circle

This is a real adventure hunt. You will be travelling down frozen fjords, river, lakes, and the rocky overland terrain of western Greenland. Old muskox bulls are abundant as the locals selectively harvest only the cows and calves for meat. Caribou are numerous as well but you will not see any large bulls at this time if year (3x3 or spikes were typical). The small game hunt was exciting and very challenging, we saw a good number foxes including both white and black versions right outside of camp. Camp itself was comfortable and food was satisfying. I would recommend taking a caribou each day for fresh meat in camp as they are very delicous and Thomas does an excellent preparation.

This is nothing against the hunt itself, but travel to Kangerlussuaq can be a bit complicated especially in winter when flights are less frequent. It can also be expensive if you have to spend a few extra days in Kangerlussuaq - make sure you stop in the duty free shop to load up before leaving the main terminal.

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Anonymous review Canada 5.3 of 10
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Be cautious

Nice muskox and nice country.

We stopped and looked at Raindeer and small game but didn’t hunt them because outfitter wanted to hunt muskox first. I saw rain deer behind camp the first day but he wouldn’t let me hunt them. Never did get a rain deer and only one of the small game.


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