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Reindeer hunt

Reindeer hunt Greenland

Classical stalking hunt for Reindeer in the biggest and coldest island in the world!

Trip duration: 3 days

Trip available on: 1 July 2019 20 September 2019

$6,408 for 1 hunter
Reindeer hunt for big group

Reindeer hunt for big group Russia

A minimum of 5 hunters, maximum of 10 hunters; Depending on the time "season" your clothes and shoes should be warm enough and comfortable to ride a snowmobile at low temperatures (about - 35C). Don't forget to bring your glasses, ski mask and white camouflage. If necessary, the outfit can be purchased on site. In this case, please tell us the size of your clothes and shoes. Hunting with air cushion "1Д8 Arctic-Taimyr"+ snowmobile Yamaha Venture Multi Purpose + all-terrain vehicle bv206 hagglunds. Additional trophies: Wolverine - $ 526, wolf - $ 752, partridge-free, hare-free. Day 1: arrival of the group at Alykel airport in Norilsk. Meeting at the airport, transfer to the base camp on the Norilsk river. Food, instruction on the rules of hunting and safety. Instructions on the type of terrain and features of hunting and shooting these species of animals using certain weapons. Check weapons and aiming. Meeting with guides. Departure for the hunt. Day 2: Breakfast, discussion of hunting, go hunting. Return to the camp in the evening. Dinner, sauna, dinner. 3rd-6th day: Breakfast. Fly on hunting grounds. Lunch. Return to base camp in the evening. Discussion of hunting results with a guide and a curator. 6: day evening. Final preservation and packing of trophies, dinner, sauna, rest time. Day 7: transfer to Alykel airport. Departure. At the request of hunters, you can go to our well-organized base, located on the plateau Putorana (lake Yt-kyuel) there is excellent fishing for the trophy Arctic char + the beauty of the plateau Putorana, which are included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Trip duration: 7 days

Trip available on: 1 August 2019 15 March 2020

$5,354 for 1 hunter
Individual Fall hunt

Individual Fall hunt Russia

Individual hunting trip for 2 hunters. Hunting for reindeer, brown bear, hazel grouse with occasional fishing on itinerary.

Trip duration: 6 days

Trip available on: 5 September 2019 10 September 2019

$10,448 for 2 hunters

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