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Reindeer hunting

Reindeer hunting Russia

Minimum 3 hunters, maximum of 4; Depending on the time of the year of the tour, your clothes and shoes should be warm enough and comfortable to ride a snowmobile at low temperatures (about - 35C). Don't forget to bring snow goggles, a ski mask and a white camouflage robe. If necessary, the outfit can be purchased on site. In this case, please tell us the size of your clothes and shoes. Hunting using "Arctic 1Д8-Taymyr": Air cushion "Arctic 1Д8-Taymyr": The air cushion vessel Arctic-1d8 is a unique individual development designed for operation in extreme conditions of the far North, during all seasons at temperatures from + 41°C to -56°C. Speed on ice - 125 km/h. Speed of movement on water-80 km / h The maximum range is 1400 km. Additional trophies:wolf - 752$, wolverine - 526$, partridge - gratis, hare - gratis.

Trip duration: 5 days

Trip available on: 1 August 2019 15 March 2020

$3,906 for 1 hunter
Northern Reindeer (Siberia, lake Baikal)

Northern Reindeer (Siberia, lake Baikal) Russia

The most interesting and effective way of hunting in winter snow, under the wind hunting down the binoculars and carefully concealing the beast. Trekking is possible from 1-6km from base camp. A sound approach to the animal will provide our guides-the Evenki, the experience of hunting which is thousands years old. The approach depends on the weather conditions and the potential for a good shot, usually up to 100m. Winter hunting is the most interesting, dynamic and profitable because in this time is the migration of large forest deer in places they can access and quick snowmobile gives you a sure chance to get a decent copy. Hunting is carried out by the method of stalking the herd and surge hunters exactly exhibited at the rooms. Individual hunting with the approach on skis 1PH/1Hunter. For hunting in a forest reindeer, it is necessary to have rifles of a calibre not less than 7,62х51мм, optical sight. Camouflage color hunting season, warm, not rattling comfortable clothes designed for pace. to -5°C and fall to -30°C in winter.

Trip duration: 7 - 10 days

Trip available on: 1 September 2019 28 February 2020

$2,234 for 1 hunter
Individual Fall hunt

Individual Fall hunt Russia

Individual hunting trip for 2 hunters. Hunting for reindeer, brown bear, hazel grouse with occasional fishing on itinerary.

Trip duration: 6 days

Trip available on: 5 September 2019 10 September 2019

$10,670 for 2 hunters

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