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Muzzleloader trips for predators 22 hunts

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6 days

Spring Black Bear Hunt Quebec, Canada

We cover a very large territory and we have some of the best guides available to maximize your success. This regions we hunt in produces bears averaging 200 pounds and and our lodge keep a kill ratio of 90% or more. Every year we have taken bears weighing over 400 pounds. Most of the shots are between 15 and 35 yards. You can use rifles, muzzleloaders, shotguns, and bows. Make sure to specify your special needs so that whether you use bow, black powder, rifle, or shotgun, you will be satisfied. To make sure your trip is not only successful but also trouble free, we do everything for you: track your bear, bring it back to camp, skin it, and prepare the meat (freeze it) and pelts for your return trip. We will also fill out all the paper work (export tag ). We put a lot of time and money into our baiting. Baiting starts in early April and runs until the end of June. Every bait site is chosen and started by the owner and checked every second day all through the hunting season. We use pastries and meat for our baiting. In a normal season we will go through 25 tons of pastries and about 10 tons of meat. A few other ingredients are used in smaller quantities. An average of 100 active baits sites are used to ensure success. You will get as many baits as you need to get your bear. In the past our customers have achieved a 98% sighting ratio, so our baiting program really works! Many of our customers see numerous bears a day.

Muzzleloader Bow Hunting High Seat Rifle Hunting Shotgun Hunting

Black bear

Package Trip Fishing Dangerous Game Predators
Spring Black Bear Hunt Spring Black Bear Hunt Spring Black Bear Hunt Spring Black Bear Hunt Spring Black Bear Hunt
Package price
for 6 days, 1 hunter

Trip available on: 19 May 2019 30 Jun 2019

6 days

Guided Whitetail/Bear/Coyote Combo '19 Maine, United States

This is an economy hunt for a Maine whitetail buck with the option for black bear and coyote as additional opportunities. The black bear season overlaps with firearm season on deer in Maine and IFW allows hunters to take a late-season, fair chase bear during the deer hunt. While not the primary species on this hunt, every camp usually has at least one hunter come in contact with a black bear while deer hunting here on Tucker Ridge. Big northeastern coyotes are also prevalent in the area and provide added hunting value. Guided hunts are designed for the client who wishes to arrive in camp and start hunting with all preparations taken care of beforehand. These type of hunts include preseason scouting and trail camera monitoring, bait station set up and maintenance where applicable, tree stand or ground blind set up prior to arrival, field care of game, and local transportation to the tagging station, processor and taxidermist if applicable. This type of hunt is most popular for hunters visiting Maine for the first time; those with limited physical ability may also find this hunt useful. These hunts are for those who want a Registered Maine Guide by their side. Nonresidents hunting Maine for the first time may find this a desirable option when exploring the big north woods and vast network of logging roads our region is noted for. Your guide will assist in locating, tracking and caring for game in the field after the shot. Clients wishing to get off the beaten path without fear of getting turned around in the remote wilderness often opt for this service. Hunters who want to try tracking big bucks in the snow and those wishing to get deep in prime habitat will benefit with this option.

Muzzleloader Bow Hunting High Seat Hunting From A Blind Rifle Hunting

Black bear Coyote White-tailed deer

Package Trip Fishing Gun Rental Transfer Dangerous Game Small Game Predators
Guided Whitetail/Bear/Coyote Combo '19 Guided Whitetail/Bear/Coyote Combo '19 Guided Whitetail/Bear/Coyote Combo '19 Guided Whitetail/Bear/Coyote Combo '19 Guided Whitetail/Bear/Coyote Combo '19

2 reviews

Trip available on: 3 Nov 2019 30 Nov 2019

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