Koryak Snow Sheep hunting

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Where to hunt Koryak Snow Sheep

Koryak snow sheep is a variety of Asian snow sheep (their Latin name literally means “one that lives in the snows”) who inhabit inhabit the mountain ranges of the North-East of Russia. They are closely related to bighorn sheep (some researchers believe they are a subspecies). Koryak snow sheep can be hunted in the north of the Kamchatka peninsula (the habitat border with Kamchatka snow sheep lies roughly on the 60 latitude) and on the mainland that borders the peninsula.


Koryak snow sheep hunts are priced from $10,000. For a better value, you can combine a sheep hunt with a hunt for the famous Kamchatka brown bear, or a Kamchatka snow sheep. The bear adds some $3,000 to the hund cost, and the combination sheep hunts, requiring a change of camp, can be priced as high as $30,000.

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When to hunt Koryak Snow Sheep?

The snow sheep season in the north-east of Russia usually opens August 1, and may run from October 15 to November 30. Most outfitters, however, don’t recommend to schedule the hunt for the late season, and believe that the best time for sheep hunting is before September 15. If you want to combine sheep hunting with bear hunting, take into account that the bear season starts August 20.



Indigenous peoples of the North-East Siberia invented many ingenious ways to hunt snow sheep, including the use of specially trained hounds. The animals escape from wolves to high cliffs that canines can’t climb; the dogs hold them there until the hunter arrives. However, most trophy hunters prefer the classic spot-and-stalk hunts, where you can focus on a specific old animal, that is long past reproduction age, and enjoy the slow and emotion-filled approach until the mighty ram is in your sights. In the early fall that the hunting season falls on, the rams stay away from the females and kids, and are found alone or in small bachelor pools. If the guide knows the terrain and the animals well, the hunter may also ambush the rams at their paths, in the course of their regular daily movements, or gently “pushed” by the guide.

Why hunt Koryak Snow Sheep?

Hunting snow sheep in the north-east of Russia means a long a complicated journey, a stay in a less-than-comfy conditions, and spending hours walking and freezing on desolate, lonely mountains. While the price may seem steep, it is relatively low as compared for hunts after Koryak snow sheep’s American relatives, Stone and Dall sheep, although they inhabit the same environment and offer much the same hunting experience. But it is also an opportunity to explore unusual scenery and amazing local cultures. Koryak sheep are smaller than Kamchatka subspecies, in both body and horns, but the trophy will nonetheless make a lasting memory of the adventure.

Koryak snow sheep hunt 2x1

Koryak snow sheep hunt 2x1 Russland

There are 5 species of snow sheep available for hunting in Russia. This offer is devoted to Koryak snow sheep hunt. The hunting area is new but with high population of sheep in there. Optimal size of the group is 4 hunters, easier to share helicopter between hunters.

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Koryak Scheeschaf

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