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The South Pacific may not be the first destination to come to mind when considering a hunting trip, but New Zealand and Australia both offer outstanding hunting opportunities and are great outdoor adventure destinations for hunters and their families. New Zealand is famous for its mountain game, especially Himalayan tahr and chamois, as well as for large and impressive red stags, along with a variety of other game. All of New Zealand’s game animals were imported by settlers a century ago but have established healthy populations in suitable habitat. Likewise, Australia’s most sought-after game animals, water buffalo and banteng, were transplanted to the continent decades ago but have established large wild populations in the country’s sparsely populated northern and western regions. Australia also has numerous species of deer, including sambar, fallow, red, hog, and rusa deer, and the deer hunting is excellent in many areas. Rabbits, feral hogs, and other introduced mammals are frequently hunted as well. New Zealand and Australia are beautiful, scenic countries and excellent family destinations where hiking, fishing, sightseeing, wine-tasting, and many other activities can be added on to a hunting trip. “Kiwis” and “Aussies” are some of the friendliest people you’ll meet, and tourism in both countries is very well organized and enjoyable.

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Free Range Red Stag Hunt 1x1

Free Range Red Stag Hunt 1x1 New Zealand

This is a classic high country hunt for a majestic Red Stag trophy. Hunting is conducted on a Large sheep station(ranch) which has basic but comfortable accommodation in the form of huts/cabins and farm houses. The area has 4x4 access and some roads we can scout the area from but hunting is conducted on foot. This area hold good potential for trophy stags in the 250-300" class carrying 12-14+ points. This is a must do hunt for the serious mountain hunter. We differ from most New Zealand outfitters in that we ONLY hunt real free-range wild Red stags. Due to the unrestricted hunting on public land/wilderness areas we hunt Stags on several large private areas. Our Stag hunting areas are relatively open and mountainous and this can be a physically demanding hunt. These areas are completely free range and stags can come and go as they please. For the ‘real’ hunter, chasing free red stags is an exciting and challenging hunt. Stags can be hunted from February (hard velvet/stripping) through into the winter, June/July. The most popular time to hunt stags is during the Rut or ‘Roar’. The Roar is generally from mid-March-late April with the peak of the rut normally around the first 2 weeks of April. If you are looking for a genuine challenge with a trophy to be proud of, come and hunt Red Stags with us. Add on Pricing for Private land hunts: Bull Tahr: $4000 USD Chamois: $4000 USD Management Stag: $1500 USD Trophy Red Stag: $4000 USD Trophy Fallow Buck: $3000 USD Management Fallow Buck: $1500 USD Wild Ram: $1000 USD

Trip duration: 5 days

Trip available on: 1 March 2019 30 June 2019

$5,500 for 1 hunter
Free Range Red Stag Hunt 1x1

Free Range Red Stag Hunt 1x1 New Zealand

'Majestic' - 'Noble' - 'Regal' - The Red Stag needs no introduction. We offer genuine free range - wilderness red stag hunts. Genuine free range red stag hunting is some of the most exciting and challenging hunting you will ever experience. For the 'True hunter' it is a 'must do'. Luxury cabin accommodation - access by Land Rover. Exclusive private wilderness country. Our guarantee - Genuine Free Range Wilderness Red Stag Hunt ! No high fences - No farm bred animals. We hunt genuine wild populations only.

Trip duration: 7 days

Trip available on: 5 February 2018 30 June 2022

$6,500 for 1 hunter and 1 guest
New Zealand Trophy Hunt 2x1 '19

New Zealand Trophy Hunt 2x1 '19 New Zealand

With each hunt we aim to cater to the physical capabilities of our hunters. Our goal is to make each hunt a challenge to the hunter and of suitable difficulty for each hunter so that they will feel the reward of working for their trophies. We can achieve this by having different hunting areas of varying difficulty and also by how we conduct the hunt. There are hunting options per all year round, though please consider the best hunting season per each animal when booking. For Thar and Chamois hutns helicopter costs are included.

Trip duration: 3 - 8 days

Trip available on: 5 March 2019 28 July 2019

$3,050 for 2 hunters

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