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The South Pacific may not be the first destination to come to mind when considering a hunting trip, but New Zealand and Australia both offer outstanding hunting opportunities and are great outdoor adventure destinations for hunters and their families. New Zealand is famous for its mountain game, especially Himalayan tahr and chamois, as well as for large and impressive red stags, along with a variety of other game. All of New Zealand’s game animals were imported by settlers a century ago but have established healthy populations in suitable habitat. Likewise, Australia’s most sought-after game animals, water buffalo and banteng, were transplanted to the continent decades ago but have established large wild populations in the country’s sparsely populated northern and western regions. Australia also has numerous species of deer, including sambar, fallow, red, hog, and rusa deer, and the deer hunting is excellent in many areas. Rabbits, feral hogs, and other introduced mammals are frequently hunted as well. New Zealand and Australia are beautiful, scenic countries and excellent family destinations where hiking, fishing, sightseeing, wine-tasting, and many other activities can be added on to a hunting trip. “Kiwis” and “Aussies” are some of the friendliest people you’ll meet, and tourism in both countries is very well organized and enjoyable.


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Chamois Hunt '20

Chamois Hunt '20 Neuseeland

New Zealand has some of the best Tahr hunting in the world. Tahr have drawn hunters from around the world to New Zealand to hunt these magnificent animals. They are known for the steep, rugged and remote habitat they live in and look very majestic in our mountains with their beautiful winter cape. The package includes 5 hunting days and 4 nights - 1 hunter / 1 guide and 1 trophy Chamois. For Tahr & Chamois hunts we suggest the use of a helicopter to access higher hunting terrain. Additional cost for helicopter is approximately $1,500 - $2,500. This cost is reduced if the helicopter is shared with other hunters.

Reisedauer: 5 Tage

Jagdsaison: 1 Feb 2020 31 Okt 2020

$6,500 für 1 Jäger
Australian Trophy Hunt

Australian Trophy Hunt Australien

We have the best free-range and estate hunting anywhere in Australia. Hunt Australia from the top of the Great Dividing Range, to the heart of the Great Barrier Reef to the wilderness of the tropical outback. Our team has the knowledge, skills and experience to give you a first rate and hassle-free hunt. It’s one thing to hunt Australia. It’s another to hunt the best Australia has to offer. We have consistently produced the biggest trophies in Australia! Kingham’s lightly timbered rolling hills and moderate climate are ideally suited to all the Australian deer and is the breeding ground of the world’s largest rusa, plus 11 other species including sambar, hog deer, buffalo, moluccan rusa, axis, red stag, fallow and blackbuck antelope.

Reisedauer: 4 - 14 Tage

Jagdsaison: 1 Mrz 2020 31 Aug 2020

$5,500 für 1 Jäger
Red Stag Hunt (320-340 sci),  2x1

Red Stag Hunt (320-340 sci), 2x1 Neuseeland

Red Stag Hunting involves the hunting of Trophy Stags, which are best hunted from late February through to July when the stag is in “hard antler”, with the rut, or as we say in New Zealand, “the roar”, starting early March and continuing into May – the best time to hunt! New Zealanders call it “the roar” because of the Lion like bellow that emits from a rutting stag, a sound that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up! The package includes trophy red stag (320-340 sci) per each hunter. Stag size can be upgraded (POA), trophy Fallow and/or Sika stags can be added for $2,750 per animal, Rams and/or Goats added for $450 per animal. Fishing is for free!

Reisedauer: 5 Tage

Jagdsaison: 1 Feb 2020 31 Jul 2020

$8,000 für 2 Jäger

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