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Where to hunt Yucatan White-Tailed Deer

The Yucatan White-Tailed is a subspecies of the White-Tailed Deer. They are one of the smallest varieties of Whitetail, seldom tipping the scale at more than 80 pounds, and stand about three feet tall at the shoulder. True to the name, to hunt the Yucatan White-Tailed Deer you will have to book a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

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To hunt the Yucatan White-Tailed deer, you will have to undertake a real hunting expedition into the wilds of the ancient Maya country. The hunt will last at least 7 days and will cost just under $5,000, and this price does not include shooting fees. The trophy fee for the Yucatan White-Tailed Deer is about $2,500. Other birds and mammals can be added for extra price.

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When to hunt Yucatan White-Tailed Deer?

Hunting in the Yucatan is limited to the dry season. The mud roads in the jungle are nearly impassible in the wet season, and the animals are scattered all over the jungle, as they don’t need waterholes (in fact, the Yucatan deer hardly ever drink during the wet season, obtaining enough moisture from plants they eat). There are two seasons, spring and fall, but the big-game hunters tend to prefer the end of the fall season.


Hunting methods

For the ancient Maya, deer hunting was often a big ceremonial affair. Large groups of hunters, assisted by dogs, surrounded the animals and killed them with bows and arrows. Modern hunters in the Yucatan tend to prefer the traditional hunting techniques, mostly hunting from a blind over a food source. You can also spot-and-stalk deer when they feed on the fields. The target being small, and the shots fired at close range, a shotgun with a charge of buck shot is a weapon to consider.

Why hunt Yucatan White-Tailed Deer?

White-tailed deer are by far the most common ungulate in North America, and one of the world’s most popular animals to hunt. Deer hunting was an important cultural and economic activity for the pre-Columbian Maya, and continues to be so today. The Yucatan White-Tailed Deer antlers are small, and don’t branch as wide as in other deer; in fact, antlers of most Yucatan White-tailed Deer bucks remember those of Roe Deer. But the greatest lure of hunting in the Yucatan is that it is one of the rare opportunities in the modern world to walk in the shoes of the brave explorers of old, and bring back a few trophies as material reminders of the adventure.

Jungle Hunt '23

Jungle Hunt '23

Yucatan white-tailed deer, Agouti paca, Brown brocket deer, Central American agouti, Chachalaca...
Trip duration: 7 - 14 days
Season: 15 Mar 2023 - 31 May 2023
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Yucatan White-Tailed Deer

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