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Where to hunt Thicket Tinamou

Thicket Tinamou is a small, tail-less bird, about the size of a partridge. It is a close relative of ostriches, emu and cassowary, but, unlike them, it can fly. The range of Thicket Tinamou stretches from southeastern Mexico into Central America. You can hunt Thicket Tinamou with outfitters that operate in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Price distribution

Hunting Thicket Tinamou in Mexico often involves a full-time involves a hunting expedition into the jungle of the Yucatan. It is the overall price of the expedition that forms the basic part of the cost. You will pay about $4,500 for a 7-day hunt. The price doesn't include shooting fees, which in the case for Thicket Tinamou may run about $250.

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When to hunt Thicket Tinamou?

There are two hunting seasons in the Yucatan: the spring season, from March till May, and the fall season, from September to November. Hunting is nearly impossible in the wet seasons, both because of problems in transportation, and because animals are scattered around the jungle rather than concentrated over water sources. Bird hunters usually prefer the spring season.


Hunting methods

Thicket Tinamou spend most of their time on the ground, shifting the undergrowth for food, and will fly only if forced to. They have a sophisticated calling system, with different calls for attracting the opposite sex for mating, communication between mother and the chicks, food, alarm, and “gather” calls. This makes it possible to hunt Thicket Tinamou by calling. Alternatively, Tinamous are hunted by walking them up, the participants of the hunt forming a horseshoe-shaped figure, with the hunter(s) at the bottom and ends, and walk through the woods in likely places. Tinamou flight is fast, but the birds lack stamina, so after you flush the birds, push on them; after a few consequent flushes, they will let you come in closer and closer.

Why hunt Thicket Tinamou?

Thicket Tinamou is considered to be one of the tastiest game birds on the planet, but this is not the main attraction of Tinamou hunting. The long, pleasant whistles of Thicket Tinamou play an essential part in the rainforest symphony of the jungles of Yucatan. The whistles have a ventriloquial effect, and it’s very hard to tell where the sound comes from. More and more international hunters discover the attraction of the symphony, and the opportunity for adventure that hunting in the Yucatan provides.

Jungle Hunt '23

Jungle Hunt '23

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Thicket Tinamou

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