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Where to hunt Ring Seal

Ringed Seal is a small earless seal that lives on the ice fields and rocky shores of the Arctic Ocean. Its range covers all countries that share the Arctic shoreline, including Finland, Norway, Iceland, Canada, the USA and Russia. Ring seal hunting opportunities exist in most countries within its range, most notably in Russia.

Price distribution

Ringed Seal hunting is usually combined with other hunts, for example, a waterfowl hunt on the coast of the Arctic Ocean in Russia. Such hunts typically involve an expedition that lasts about a week or more, and require the use of expensive vehicles such as a helicopter, which determines the price. Such a hunt in Russia will cost you about $6,000.

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When to hunt Ring Seal?

The timing for a Ringed Seal hunt is usually dictated by the hunting season for other species the hunter might be after. Ringed Seal hunting is possible at any time from September to the end of winter, however, hunting in early fall is a bit easier than in winter, when the hunter may have to crawl after the Ringed Seal like a Polar Bear, on the belly over ice.


Hunting methods

Indigenous peoples invented numerous ways of Ringed Seal hunting. But for a modern hunter from a developed country about the only practical way of hunting a Ringed Seal is to stalk it as it rests on the rocks on the shoreline, or on the ice next to a breathing hole. Make the shot count, because if the bulled doesn’t kill the seal instantly, it will vanish in the depth of the ocean, never to be seen again.

Why hunt Ring Seal?

Ringed Seal is an efficient predator when it comes to mussels and all sorts of fish – and an essential prey for polar bears, killer whales, and humans. For at least six thousand years Ringed Seal has been an essential food source for various indigenous peoples of the Arctic, and occupies a significant place in their cultures. Ringed Seal hunting gives a visitor from the so-called civilized world a unique opportunity to immerse in this culture, and experience the original hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

Autumn Seal and Wingshooting Hunt

Autumn Seal and Wingshooting Hunt

Ring seal, Barnacle Goose, Bean goose, Blackcock, Brent Goose...
Trip duration: 5 days
Season: 1 Sep 2023 - 30 Nov 2023
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Ring Seal

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