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We have been a family run business since 1973.  Members of my family work either as staff in the lodges or as guides in the field.  All were raised with old fashioned values:  love of the outdoors, respect for the game, and fair chase methods for hunting.  We are native to this area and are very experienced and knowledgeable of the game and the terrain.  I have been outfitting  hunters on this ranch for 24+ years, and we have the guides and staff to ensure a highly successful and enjoyable hunting adventure.

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Free-Range Trophy Oryx No Draw Hunt

Free-Range Trophy Oryx No Draw Hunt United States

The species to be hunted is the New Mexico Oryx. THIS IS A PRIVATE LAND NO DRAW HUNT!  They were originally gemsbok from the deserts of Africa and transplanted onto White Sands Missile Range in south central New Mexico in the 1960’s.  They adapted very well to the climate and terrain of New Mexico and have left the release site and moved onto other areas in the region including private land.  They are very prolific and have no predators, so the population is substantial.  Both bulls and cow oryx have horns and are legal to hunt.  Bulls weigh approximately 325 - 450 pounds, and cows weigh about 300 – 375  pounds.  Horn length can reach up to 40 inches for the bulls, and over 40 inches for the cows This hunt is for a free roaming trophy oryx (an animal with two good horns 35” or better).  The hunt takes place in south central New Mexico on a 385,000 private land ranch.  This is not a high fence enclosure.  Hunts are under a private land permit system, making this a guaranteed license.  This hunt is 7 days with 5 full days of hunting.  There will be no more than 4 hunters per hunt period. The terrain we hunt is flat lands and rolling hills, making it a great hunt for seasoned as well as young hunters.   We hunt from vehicles and on foot, the spot and stalk method. The ranch requires any wounded animal must be harvested. In field care of your game will be provided.  Your harvested game animal will be taken to the skinning shed for skinning, caping, and quartering.  The meat will be put into the cooler for storage and the capes will be frozen until the hunt is over and horns will be stored until they leave the ranch.  Transporting of the cape, horns, and meat is the responsibility of the hunter. Available dates are to be set between outfitter and hunter and are 7 day periods during the season of September 1 – December  15, 2017.  And then again March 1 – 31. There are no trophy fees for this hunt

Trip duration: 7 days

Hunting season: 1 Apr 2019 31 Mar 2020

$6,420 for 1 hunter
Tierra Encantada Outfitters

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